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  1. Hi there you wont get the Abu 6500 (Mag Elite) in the states as it is a europe model only, also check out a couple of the mail order companys as they may still have some of the "older model" going for £69.99, we have sold out but you could try Gerrys, Tonys, Mainwarings i think they all got some, there is not much difference between the new model and the old model, infact if your lucky there wont be any other than colour.
  2. At present all 6500 and below are still made in Sweden, all above this size were moved to the far east to bring down cost's this however had a few issues as they dont have many scruples over there and reels were copied etc etc, Pure Fishing (owner of Abu Garcia) then set up there own factory so the same standard as Sweden should come through will the new series of reels, there is no talk of 6500's and below being moved from the swedish plant. In all cases the reels have the Abu Garcia warrenty so you have little to worry about should you have a problem, we sold plenty of the Abu 7000 (red)
  3. Also hapy to help if needed Elton, will PM you alternative Email info Chris
  4. We have lots of people who come into the shop and ask the same question, we always respond with "how often are you planning to go" if you are planning to go once a week then the next question you need to ask yourself is what do you want to spend, we never ak this as it is up to you, if you can stretch over the £50.00 - £75.00 mark then you are in the mid range of rods, all will do the job you are going to ask it to do and should give you years of service, if you can go up to £100.00 then you have some good rods available to you, as mentioned the Greys GRX-s for £99.00 with lifetime warranty is
  5. To be honest Norm i dont think consumers will notice much difference, even if costs are saved it is not normal for them to be passed on to the consumer, but just added to the profit margin and shared in dividends to the directors and shareholders etc, as a major account with both Pure Fishing and Shakespeare it will be interesting to see what we as retialers get out of it, with luck it will end the stupid price war that most of us are involved in at present, and we could startt making some priofit for once. At this years trade shows some of the companys attempted to end the "deals" in an att
  6. Pure Fishing have also been taken over .............. So thats one company owning 2 of the worlds largest fishing tackle suppliers http://www.jarden.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=7239...&highlight=
  7. Good choice, however at the moment i would look at the Greys GRX-S for £99.00 and Abu Mag Elites for £69.99, I have always had a Sandstorm and was very impressed with it, but changed to the Greys GRX-S to compare and have to admit the Greys just takes the edge (bare in mind i can have whatever rod i want) and will always suggest Abu 6500 above Daiwa, mainly due to the service and availability of parts as well as never having any problems with them.
  8. At last MACYAK will have a buddy for the Bay ......... Hurry Up and get kitted out Jamie
  9. they have had some good write ups, however the glossy mags are never going to burn bridges with advetisers, Seahog has replied giving all a good idea of the reel, and to be honest he has a good knowledge of the Abu's so he wont have been kind if it was rubbish, the 5 year warranty that they come with is good, but we will only find out how good when you claim. I personally like Abu 6500's and for £40.00 more you get a rell that is tried and tested over the years, a new version of the Mag Elite is out in the next week or so, it has a faster retrieve than the Penn 525mag better bearings and geari
  10. Most tackle shops will offer a set up that includes both a rod and a reel these can start fro as little as £30.00 but it is a case of you get what you pay for, you mention wreck fishing so i wouls suggest that the reel you need is the Abu 7000 loads of these on the market at the moment for around £69.99 as Abu have changed the spec and brought out the new 7000i series, so you can pick up a bargin, rods will depend on a number of things but again as you mention wrecking then i would suggest a 20 - 30lb class as a min for those big Pollock, Conger, Ling etc. We currently have an Abu premium upti
  11. I dont really like Fish, stange as it maybe running a large website and owning a fishing tackle shop but i love all shellfish, but it has to be VERY fresh to get the real flavour.
  12. Norm i have a few rigs here http://www.wirralseafishing.co.uk/learning.../simplerigs.php need to get back into it and update them all a bit, but they take forever
  13. Elton feel free to take any of these pages ... http://www.wirralseafishing.co.uk/learning...gcollection.php http://www.wirralseafishing.co.uk/learning...mcollection.php http://www.wirralseafishing.co.uk/learning...hcollection.php http://www.wirralseafishing.co.uk/learning.../peelercrab.php Chris
  14. i gave up 3 weeks ago, main reason = so i can go for a pint when the ban comes into force without having to go outside.......... problem i forsee is ... I worked for the fag industry for 12 years, my job was actually to promote smoking, i was a shopfitter for Rothmans & Marlboro, we dealt with all thier instore advertising and many other campaigns. the goverment expect over 600,000 people to give up once the ban comes into place, they also expect to see a large increase in drinking related problems, domestic violence as smokers will drink at home and normally lots more, they al
  15. with respect Chris - we have overheads, we dont RIP people off at all.
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