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Big Troot:

What sort of spinners, baits and feathers should I use?

You can catch pollack on anything, including a nut & bolt jigged up and down (been there, done that :D ). I would suggest jellyworms if you're spinning as they're so cheap and pollack just wolf them down (like everything else they think is food :rolleyes: ), otherwise head-hooked ragworm or sandeel is good under a float. You can spin with bait, but you'll need to keep replacing it, whereas you can whack out a jellyworm all day long. http://www.harrisangling.co.uk have Mean curltail worms in the sale section for 6p each, which is ridiculously cheap even if they only last for 2 or 3 fish.


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Just to agree with others. Pollack can be caught with almost anything. The shame is `almost anything` doesn`t work in a specific area. :(

As you`re on Mull, you`ll have many strong tide marks where you can flick the odd jelly worm or lead-head out. When the tide eases bait under a float with whatever you have to hand, and see what happens?

Even if it turns out to be a wrasse, at least you`ll be learning.

We don`t use J`s anymore!!

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Davy Holt:






Walking distance 60 yrds

Trip Duration 3 min

Cost: Priceless


 :D     :D     :D  

Now I think I could make that, you must have cleared the undergrowth a bit :D


Rather turn left out of caravan then right. Roll wheel chair down the hill to Janets then away, going back up might be a bit of a problem after stopping in the social club though :D


Seriously though, lead heads and jelly worms are spot on and strong enough line to rip the hook out of any kelp you may run into.


Had some nice pics but cant find them at the moment.

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