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Game Fish Paintings

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Hi everyone,

I'm an Irish artist who produces original paintings of game fish for commission, mainly for customers in Ireland and the UK.


If you have time, I'd appreciate any feedback or opinions you might have on my work, here's a sample:




There are more samples at http://www.ianotoole.com


Also, if anyone has any ideas where this type of painting might be popular, such as restaurants or hotels/lodges, please let me know.


Thanks for your time,


Ian O'Toole


Original Game Fish Paintings


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Guest PhilB

Hi Ian, welcome to Angler's Net. I like your picture above and had a look on your website. I thought that in the 2 pictures called "On the Turn" and "holding pool", the tails of the fish had too tight a curve to them and looked a bit unatural. Also thought that the spots on the "On the Turn" brownie were too large. I'm not an artist but I thought the depth of the pictures and the backgrounds were excellent. Hope this is constructive. :)

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Thanks for the feedback. The 'Holding Pool' painting has actually changed considerably since this, I will uplaod the new version as soon as i get it photographed. The 'On the Turn' painting was actually one of the first that i did, and will soon be replaced by a newer, more accurate painting. watch this space!


Original Game Fish Paintings


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Ian, you may want to email Albert Mullarkey at STOPNOW.ie, or Niall Greene, offer up a picture for Auction to support the campaign to fight the Irish Drift Netting, donate some of the proceeds to the cause??..


That way you will reach hundreds of Game Anglers and help a good cause.


if you need help, mail me at kevin@anglersvoice.com



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nothing like a blatent advert for a first posting :D

the tails a little nieve or is it in art circles "rustic"


[ 03. September 2005, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: chesters1 ]

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Hi Ian


Liked your pictures, and am pleased to note you have sold three already.


Dunno what Chesters meant by rustic - he thought I was rustic when we met once


The tight curves to the tails referred to by ff are what one sees when the fish are out of water - ie leaping - when in the water the water resistance to tail lashing keeps the tail straighter and drives the fish forward.


No matter, that impression of curvature is what most anglers remember from fighting a leaping fish, so the paintings will be evocative of the fight rather than of a docile fish in a pool.


Do you restrict your subjects to game fish ? I can appreciate that familiarity with the subject is important,though.


Many people who fish for tarpon and billfish are pretty affluent and might well commission a painting.


Alas I am not amongst that group - what big-game fishing I can afford keeps me poor. :rolleyes:



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