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Its been a great afternoon on the river trotting with the water just starting to clear after a good few feet of flood water mid week, things looked great. I fished my first spot for about 30 min's without a bite in return for the maggots i gave it, so i moved on. The next and last spot was just a different story from the off with a 1lb+ sea trout first trot. I kept the maggots going in and the fish slowly kept coming out. One more sea trout and six nice chub up to about 5lb over the next 90 min's or so at which point i gave the swim a good hand full of maggots and stopped for a brew.


I did toy with the idea of calling it a day as i was only going to have a couple of hours, but as i was catching......( i think you will know how that one go's). Anyway a few of minutes on, fag and brew over i was back in the river. Second trot down the run and bang i was into something that wasn't doing anything and i could feel it had some weight about it. My first thought was barbel, but it wasn't doing enough for one of them and the next minuet or two didn't see it do a lot more. It just stopped deep and plodded slowly up stream, playing into my hands really even if couldn't get it off the bottom. After a couple more minutes and to my surprise with little in the way of hard running it just gave up and surfaced right next to me, game over I think they say. I looked down into the landing net and my gob just fell open, as there lay the biggest chub I'd ever had hold of.


Well Ive got there in the end on my local river (the Ribble) with that 6lb chub Ive been dreaming of.




6lb 2oz on the pin with a home made float and go old maggot as bait has just made it that bit more special to me.

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Well done Lutra - a 6lb chub is a very special fish - I still remember my 1st quite vividly - though it was now a decade ago. To get it on the pin makes it even better IMO....




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Cracking Chub lutra and on the pin well done sir......Steve

We are not putting it back it is a lump now put that curry down and go and get the scales

have I told you abouit the cruise control on my Volvo ,,,,,,,bla bla bla Barder rod has it come yet?? and don`t even start me on Chris Lythe :bleh::icecream:

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Well done mate.



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What a smasher. :clap:

Thanks mum and what do you think of the chub? :)


And thanks guys, Im buzzing now. It should keep me on a high for weeks.


A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep


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Good God man, that's a lovely chub eh. Much bigger than the one him down at No. 12 said he caught.


"What size was that then?"


"Well, he said it was 9 lbs!"


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"Brian", We said. Because that was his name.


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Wow, what an amazing day! Congratulations Lutra, that's a whopping great chub, and caught in a really special way.


I hope you meet it again in early-mid March, because it looks like it'll weigh a whole lot more then!

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