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The six page limit, baaaaaa, the CA continued!

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If enough anglers were to join the Countryside Alliance, perhaps they would be democratically represented in a way that certain posters crave for.

I am assuming that they operate 'One Member One Vote'!


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Isn't that a bit like asking Labour voters to join the Tory party in order to have a say in their policies?

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Far too simple an explanation for this forum Northern Mark. You should be ashamed of yourself for stating the blindingly obvious :D

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'..It is seen as a 'fox hunting' body..'


I wouldn't deny that the original raison d'etre of the CA was probably to save Foxhunting Peter, but you seem determined to ignore the other issues that they are championing now. Not everybody that supports them does so because they wish to preserve Foxhunting, whether that sits easily with you or not!


Surely you aren't advocating that people 'don't' support them on the grounds of a dislike of one aspect of the organisation are you? If so, aren't you compromising your irrational dislike of carp anglers by showing allegiance to FACT?


[ 01. April 2005, 07:11 PM: Message edited by: slodger ]

Slodger (Chris Hammond.)


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BTW I will be meeting Terry Mansbridge on monday evening, thanks to an invite from a good friend of mine. Anyone have any specific questions? (Sensible ones that is! :D )

Slodger (Chris Hammond.)


'We should be fishin'

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re the river close season 'disunity'.


The main reason the PAC/I didn't openly go with the majority was that the PAC had no official stance on the matter (the topic never having been raised within the club) and for me to make one up on the spot on its behalf would have been unfair on the club and its members.


At the following SAA meeting the PAC, after consideration of committee and members at the Annual Working Dinner, came off the fence and added its vote in favour of the retention of the river close season.


I retain my personal view that to have a close season on rivers but not enclosed waters is ilogical. And retain the right to state that opinion if asked. What's even more stupid about the current close season legislation is that (for example) Windermere now has no coarse close season - yet a river and streams enter it, and a river flows out of it. Where does the river start and the lake end? It's madness.


My experience of coarse fish (of various species) in larger still waters tells me that they migrate 'en masse' to certain areas to spawn but are pretty much uncatchable at this time. This, the EA deem to be acceptable. I expect that river fish behave in a similar manner, yet fishing for them during this period is deemed unacceptable by the EA. I can't see the logic in that at all.


The only logical answers are to either have a blanket clsoe period, or do away with it altogether. I don't have the evidence to know which is the correct line to take. Therfore I cannot support the retention of a river close season, nor can I oppose it. Abstention is my only choice if pushed to a vote.


As for your Cullodden comments re the NAA, I'm afraid that's all gone way over my head...



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