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Beginning of the end??????

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Originally posted by Toggle:

Not one 'anti' hunting organisation I could find supported angling



How about 'the Government'?





I had the impression 'The ‘New Labour’ Government' was meant to be something more than just an 'anti hunting' pressure group.

I stupidly assumed that they would be interested in sorting out the problems of this country, crime, pensions, education education education, transport, energy etc.

I did not realise that they were elected solely to stop ‘toffs’ using dogs to chase furry mammals.

I must have got it wrong, for that I apologise!



Jealousy: totally irrational anger directed at people who happen to be richer, prettier, thinner, cleverer and more successful than you are.
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I've got to agree with Peter, we need to get more strick with anglers which abuse lakes/ponds/rivers. As I have only been back to fishing for 3yrs now I have noticed alot of adults and children without the basic tools for fishing e.g. landing nets/mats, disgorger's scissors etc. 1 fella I saw caught a nice carp (had all the gear to land it safley) then left it in a landing net on the ground and ran off back to his car for a camera :mad: its things like this which will have fishing banned

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The Hartlepool Park lake was little more than a paddling pool. Most of the fish were lost due to the water becoming polluted through a combination of tree leafs and bird droppings, plus I believe the council insisted on selling day tickets on a water that was supposed to have been controlled by the angling club.

I only ever fished the water once, it was like fishing in Toy Town.

And yes, the area was used by the locals as a beer garden, and worse. Not safe to walk through in the day time even


[ 20. September 2004, 02:13 PM: Message edited by: wearyone ]

Tight Lines,




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Had a meeting with a Broads Authority rep today. The list of complaints against anglers was horrifying. Blatant anti social behaviour, excessive noise after dark, human waste left in the open, litter and yet even more litter, damage to river banks, trespass, disturbing nesting birds on SSSIs, urinating publically on the bank, taking over moorings reserved for boats, and that is just a few of the complaints! It was embarrasing having to sit and listen to these complaints. We don't help ourselves.

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Talking of urinating in public, Peter. My local council has recently given permission for a trough like urinal in one of the main boozing areas of the City. Apparently about chucking out time this bloody big tin bath type thing rises form the pavement, for all to see, and use. I am told that a further one has also been approved. The only problem is, apart from the lack of common decency, there is no adequate drainage system and the streets are awash with re processed beer. But thats the Lib Dems for you

Tight Lines,




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Outside of Amsterdam Centraal Station is a large blue unrinal, same colour as a Shakey tackle box. Its large and round, with strategically placed holes around it! There is no privacy whatsoever. Just a load of blokes hiding their modesty in a series of plastic holes! It's worth hanging around just to see the reactions of the Japanese tourists who seem incapable of believing that blokes can do that quite so publically, and there is nowhere in Holland quite so public as outside Centraal Station!


[ 20. September 2004, 11:41 PM: Message edited by: Peter Waller ]

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Sorry not to have posted before. I am on wheatsmums computer as mine is being repaired.

Lets get back to the original thought. Angling will be a lot harder to ban than fox-hunting.

The fox-hunters made the mistake of a) allowing the video of a fox being cornered and literally torn to bits by the dogs. That still haunts me.

B) When offered the out of drag hunting, they looked down their noses and declined.


I was talking to a anti-hunt person the other day.

We had a very good conversation, including the fact that anglers look after their fish and also that MOST anglers looked after the environment too.(The exceptions being the the so called "anglers" leaving tins, rubbish etc. where they fished)

It is a wake up call for ALL anglers to police the waters they fish and if you see somebody leaving a swim in a mess, tell them and, more importantly, tell the owner/lcencee.

We also discussed the fact that most rivers are cleaner today thanks to anglers, and he expressed concern about keeping them in a good state if angling was banned.

I would advise you all to have a "one to one" with an anti, you may be suprised!



fishing is nature's medical prescription

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