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Lodge Pool/AnglerNet meeting update

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For those who have booked up with me for the Lodge Pool/AnglersNet meeting on the Saturday 6th August at Lodge Pool in Redditch. :D




In two weeks time I will be paying the last instalment of money upfront for the fishing and the breakfast.


I will remind you again that fishing is £4 day and Breakfast is also £4 as well. There no need to panic about sending money to me, Just pay me on the day with you name/website name on an envelope when you see me! :D


So far with all the private emails I have been having a few have drop out due to time wasters! So the last list was like this. Unless anymore want to join as the last closing date is the Friday 22nd July at 1pm


These are the following anglers or member of various website who have join up so far


Andrew Burgess - Member of AnglersNet/LPAA Fishing Club/LPAA Website

Budgie - Member of AnglersNet/LPAA Website

j_s + 1 - Member of AnglersNet

Alan Stubbs + 2 - Member of AnglersNet/LPAA Website

Jonah13 - Member of AnglersNet

Kieinboet + 1- Member of AnglersNet

Mr Matthew - Member of AnglersNet/LPAA Website

Arygll - Member of AnglersNet

Alan Roe (Possibility)- Member of AnglersNet

Gobio - Member of AnglersNet

Ferret1959 - Member of AnglersNet

Danny S - Member of AnglersNet

Wicker Dave - Member of AnglersNet

Sluk - Member of AnglersNet

Paul D - Member of AnglersNet

Badexcuseforanangler - Member of AnglersNet

deanbmw + 1 - Member of AnglersNet

Alec Stephens + 1 - Member of Lodge Park Fishing Club

Frank James- Member of Lodge Park Fishing Club/LPAA Website

Powermesh - Member of Lodge Park Website

Vickory - Member of LPAA Website

Boilie- Member of the Lodge Park Website


Please all the names I have mention in the list above can you please confirm again by private email that you are coming, or having breakfast or both!


Will be post at a later date for the directions to get to Lodge Pool and the Fishing club rules



Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional



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Right only 3 anglers who have reply back to me so far. So come on guys please let me know as soon as possible please


[ 24. June 2005, 07:41 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Burgess ]

Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional



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I certainly hope to be there, particularly after having to give backword to Steve with Wingham but I've not been at work for a couple of days and just need to double check. Will confirm on Monday. Looking forward to the day.


[ 25. June 2005, 12:30 AM: Message edited by: Paul_D ]


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Mr Burgess - you have mail, and a PM


tight lines



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- WC Fields

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