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new computer made to measure

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is it worth having a new computer built,keeping your keyboard and monitor.

if so what should specifications should i be asking for

hope this makes sense.

My son-in-law is recommending people who did this for him,(he works in computing )so I thought i would check it out with my knowledgble friends/advisors.

thanks as usual


how much would you expect it to cost.




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It doesn't usually cost any less. The main advantage is you can mix and match components exactly as you wish. However the better PC companies like Mesh and Evesham also allow you to do this, and even sell you a PC only without a monitor and keyboard, etc.


See here.


As to what spec you need and the cost, it's best to come at it from a different angle. Tell us everything you want to use the new PC for and we can suggest what spec and then the price falls out from there.


Do you want to play top of the range games and edit high quality audio and video, or do you just want the Internet and a word processing. For most people it's in between. Consider any future plans too.

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i've found it does cost less, if you comapre identical machines, most of the readymades in pc world etc arent that highly specced, and a custom will inevitably be a better bet.

what do you want to use it for? give us the specifics and someone will tell you what bits to go for.

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Ive been building and upgrading for several years, now, and the worst thing I have to say about shop bought packages is that


1, they often use cheap motherboards, with little room for future upgrades,


2, they often use clearance line cards in the machines that they build.


Although it really isnt much cheaper now to custom build, It is still the path I would recomend. Particularly if you have a specific use in mind.

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I also find Custom Builds cheaper, and have been doing it myself for years - but if you are getting someone to do it for you, one thing to watch is what kind of warrenty comes with it.


If people ask me to recommend a computer, I usually suggest a Dell, as they have fell in price so much, are very customable when ordering and upgradable afterwards - and Dell give pretty good customer support if you have a problem with the machine. (I use Dell's at work)



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I just got back from a wedding over in Liverpool and the stepfather of the groom is a bit of a music download king! He decided to get broadband and so neede to upgrade his old cyrix400 PC. He went to one of the computer fairs which seem to aboumd and got himself a 2.4 Intel chip, fan, M/board, 256 of ram, (the board has got a 64Meg graphics accelerator onboard) and all the associated bells and whistles. The cost was £120!!! For that sort of money I reckon an upgrade HAS to be worth it!! Never mind you Mesh and Dell!! All very good I know from experience! But £120 for that lot?? Got to be the cheapest upgrade I've ever seen!!



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Custom builds are the best way to go, i do a fiar few of builds for peeps and can say that it is the best way to go :)

What i do is sit and chat about what they plan to use it for in the main, but leave room for anything the plan to do in the future.Then i go through a few rigs that will suit their needs and let them choose what they would like :) one thing i always do is advise them to get something that can be esily upgraded at a later date just to ensure that it will stay upto date.

So my advice would be to go the custom route as you then have control over what you want with the option of a upgrade at a later date :)

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I should have qualified my statement. What I meant was :


"It doesn't usually cost any less if you are paying some-one else to build it." As Gillies pointed out, you need to watch your warranty and also if the person or company doing it is likely to remain trading.


Mesh, which I posted a link to, are recognised as making very good PC's with quality components. Because they offer very flexible configuration, they are nearly offering a custom build service, although you don't get to select the make of most components.


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sounds good chris, but on board graphics generally arent that good.

i got my laptop from www.higrade.com its fantastic and cheaper than a toshiba or similar. their range of readymades looks good too

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ive seen some good spec ones in newspapers cheaper than you can build ,they dont include a monitor which keeps the price down if your keeping your old one (hopefully that can run the refresh rates of modern pc,s) then you will be ok :)

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