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Guest Finepix

*LOL* I found the Land Rover in the grounds of a local scouts group. It's been sitting there for years and looked like an ideal subject. I then caught a train a couple of days later so snapped the waiting room at my local station. I really like the 'pig' image (although it probably won't get anywhere as the window is minimal) so the Land Rover went!


As for the imageshack thing, once you have registered and are loading images you can click on 'My Images' at the top of the screen. All your loaded images will be listed here along with the six different links for that image.




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Couldn't have done it without your help, now I can be a demon poster of pictures.


Though I work in Newcastle the photo's out on my doorstep can be spectacular, but the advantage of the comp is that it's made me look at different opportunities.


I traditionally took with an SLR (i've had one since I was a teenager and worked on the photo counter at boots when they still sold SLRs). I couldn't afford a digital SLR at the mo so went for the s500 as it was cheap (about 150 quid) and had manual overides etc, 4.1 meg which seemed ample (though I'm now wanting to blow things up I'm wanting 7 or 8 meg in the slr when I do buy one)



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Guest Finepix

It is weird how you start looking at things in a different light.

The competitions have really helped me as well. Normally I aim for nature shots (which at this time of year is quite difficult), and then just anything that grabs me, but having to search for a particular subject is quite a challenge.

I'm really enjoying it.


J. :)

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Having just actually read your method of posting an image Julia, there is a slightly simpler way, :-

  • Obtain the URL (copy)

  • Paste it into the reply box

  • Now highlight it

  • Now click the tree button

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