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Wingham Catch Report

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Same this year, the Pike are taking all manner of what they consider edible!

The only "targetted" Pike was the one in Den's previous picture which leaped at Newt's lure while he was giving us all a demonstration.

I've no doubt Steve/Budgie/Rob/Meatballs and a few others will expand in greater detail of how the weekend went so I'll just leave you in peace for now :rolleyes:

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lovely fish jedibond, bet that went like a train!

cheers dave :)


It certainly did !


Great fun on my trusty old John Wilson rod, sweetcorn and red maggot (the old favourite) did the trick.





"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you"

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looks like you had great fun, couldn't make it this year due to exams but ill try my hardest to get there next year

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I expect some lucky people will be talking about the personal bests they have had this weekend for years.


(Apparently Budgie was unable to get back into his bivvy because his smile was too big!)


Some very big fish caught.


The weekend has been awesome.


That is the only way to describe it, and I fell privileged at being able to be there.


Many thanks Steve, and thanks too to Peggy who worked so hard on feeding everyone (and cleaning up our mess!), and to the bailiffs too whose efforts both leading up to and during the fish-in were outstanding.

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Wow it was windy! perfect windsurfing wether but I had my fishing cap on this weekend. Great to put names to faces and to spend weekend at such a fatastic place that Wingham is.

My catch report is very short one Pike of just under 10lb caught on lobworm/corn cocktail and a Rudd(all 2oz of it!)

The Pike was caught saturday evening the Rudd on Sunday morning.

I had a few bleeps and tugs over night one of which make me realise how bright one of the blue led's on my alarms is it. I heard a bleep woke up and just lost all my night sight from the brightness and nearly went base over apex getting out bed. Needless to say it got a sticker stuck on it after than but the fish decided not to set it off after than.

I found the fishing hard this year but had a great time my thanks to Steve to allowing us to fish. Also like to thank the bailifs Terry and Glyn for all their hard work including tractoring us to our swims



Darren peg21

I'm back is fishing like riding a bike? you never forget how?

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Great weekend ,loverly place indeed shame it's just under 300 miles and a 4.5 hr drive away.Weather could have been better on the Friday but on Saturday i thought conditions ware absolute brilliant.Anyways my catch was a 8.2 tench(pic to follow) and a 10.8 pike(caught on pineapple boilie ,pic to follow),lost 5 more pike on worm and even had a few going for my spod at one point,missed a great run at around 9:55pm Saturday night witch I'm still kicking my self over..Nice to meet everyone and thanks to Steve and co for there hospitality

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