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Hot drinks for cold weather

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about this time of year you will see 'gluewein' (mulled red wine) appearing in lidl etc as xmas approaches, buy about 10 bottles of it to see you over the winter months, put half of a bottle in a plastic jug and microwave it for a few mins till it becomes piping hot (not boiling), then fill your flask up with it, this stuff is absolutely awesome. but whatch how much you consume, you might have to drive home !! (its about 8% proof)..... :D


but its fantastic, try it lads !! :P

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Got to be soup for me. I normally take a a tin of lentil, a tin of oxtail and a small tin of vegetable. Add some Worcestershire sauce just as it comes to the boil and that keeps me going all day. Just about fits into a large thermos as well. Amazingly it seems to attract a lot of friends on the bank who you didn't know that you had before :D

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Granted tea from a flask doesn't taste as good as fresh for long. One of the problems is that it seems to continue brewing all day long. So I make mine rather weaker than normal so that by the time I drink it it's just about perfect.


By the way, two small flasks keep your drink much hotter than one larger one. Most of mine are the half litre size.


I also take flasks with me when I'm bivvying up. They keep water nice and cold on a hot day.


I use stainless steel flasks. However the screw tops on most soon wear out. Having tried several brands I've settled on cheapies from Sainsbury's that have tops made from a harder plastic.

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I normally settle for tea, which is freshly made for me by my butler on the bankside.


No, I use flasks and go along the same lines as Mr.Burke recommends - make it weaker and it brews acceptably for drinking later.


I like the idea of soups, etc but like to keep things to a minimum amount of gear during the colder months.

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I always take a small burner and a variety of things. Beef stock takes some beating, though

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