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Ultimate bobbin

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Cheers Budgie, difficult decision but life eventually got in the way too much and sadly it became unavoidable.   Such a good topic this one, we could do with a few more...!   My 'bobbin' idea as I

A free running monkey climber would work fine, some amazing and sometimes outrageous indicators were built and used (with some great success) thanks to this topic, all different but all trying to solv

I can also provide araldite and a hacksaw

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Haven't been around for a while as I have been inundated with various projects which has meant that fishing has taken a back seat for over a year now in which time I have managed 4 trips 3 of which being to Wingham. I have in the past spent a considerable amount of time playin about with different forms of bite indication i.e bobbins, monkey climbers and swingers. My personal preference is for the swingers as they will do everything that the others will do with the big advantage of being windproof. The downside is that they are not as portable so weight can be a deciding factor on the day. When I have had a bit of time to spare over the last few months I have concentrated on weight reduction and getting rid of the stainless elements. Also I have built everything around Carp-Tech bobbin heads first shown to me by KIm, one of the Wingham bailiffs and obtained from a boot fair. They are both light with adjustable spring loading and can be adapted to virtually any type of presentation. Excellent for converting to long drop bobbins with sliding weights. Unfortunately probably due to the lack of street cred they never took off with the company no longer in existance although you can still pick a few up off e-bay.at around £9.00 for a set of three.

Anyway I have now put together a pod system which can be adapted for most of my static fishing along with several different lengths of swinger arms to suit the target on the day.


I have attached acouple of pictures showing one set up with bobbins and the other with swingers which are easily changed as equired



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These work really well :)




add a lightweight extending arm and Richards your uncle!




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Glad to see this thread come up again, these are the sort of threads that tends to set AN apart from other forums.

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Glad to see this thread come up again, these are the sort of threads that tends to set AN apart from other forums.



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For anyone interested in how the Carp-Tech bobbin heads work , I will add little explanation and the reasons why I believe that they are very good.


post-8110-0-93315100-1392931641_thumb.jpg post-8110-0-40246400-1392931761_thumb.jpg


The first picture shows a bobbin head stripped down whilst the second picture shows 3 bobbin heads fully assembled with the middle bobbin showing the ball bearings in their operating position.


Going back to the first picture, 2 ball bearings are inserted into the bobbin head followed by a piece of silicon rubber which acts as a spring material. This is followed by a grub screw which compresses the silicone against the ball bearings which in in turn can be finely adjusted to suit whatever line is used and also how the bobbin is weighted.


The bobbins are normally supplied with a cord attached which has 4 sliding weights but if you dont like these the hole at the bottom of the bobbin heads has an m5 thread which is common with most manufacturesr bobbins so for example, chains and different weights could be attached.


I have utilised a different cord which I sourced from a power kite supplier from which I have made several set ups ranging from short 6" to 4 foot and over drops. The key benefit for me with this arrangement is the ability to slide the weights along the cord to whatever position I require. With a long drop bobbin I have 4 weights available to use in any combination wheras with a short drop it is more likely to be 2.


As previously shown, the bobbin heads are also used on swingers but for most people I would think that a hanging bobbin arrangement would be more common.


I have added a close up of a bobbin arrangement on a pod and as can be seen, the weights can be easily moved along the cord. The same can easily be applied to a single bank stick set up




The only downside is that as the bobbin heads are injection moulded, the grub screw can feel a little slack but this is easily overcome by adding a few turns of p.t.f.e. tape which tightens up the whole assembly and only needs to be done once.


The upside is the sheer versatility of what can be achieved with them and finally the stock pile as I cannot see them being available for much longer.



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Still get the same old problem with the line tending to get jammed down between the balls, and if you set them to loose, or use thinner line, they fall off. "Improving" them with a bit of PTFE tape is a bodge, but if they are cheap enough then it can be put up with, but certainly doesn't qualify for the "Ultimate" bobbin :)



"When through the woods and forest glades I wanderAnd hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur,And hear the brook, and feel the breeze;and see the waves crash on the shore,Then sings my soul..................

for all you Spodders. https://youtu.be/XYxsY-FbSic

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