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Not the first time an imported carp caused problems i wonder if it was actually released before being landed?

We moved into one of the villages biggest argricultural show winner s house ,won lots of classes in the annual show.

On digging up the plants in one bed all the living ones were in pots and there was lots of pots with nothing in just under the surface.

Did he grow these plants? Perhaps over winter them in his greenhouse or just pop of to a garden center and buy them and get his rosettes

We even found the bigger plants in them with the roots having found their way out ,as to the garden itself even a one ton bag of topsoil couldnt

make the dips in the lawn disappear  so i doubt he was as good as they thought

When it comes to carp dogs or plants people use any means to win even importing winners to get them to the top

Strange he doesnt mind getting his name in the press though obviously still craves recognition and i see the purists point that some guy (who may not even fish) could import a huge fish from abroad put it alone in a tiny lake and catch it and claim a record when the poor thing grabs the only food offering available

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First, may I say that may be the ugliest GD creature ever.  We know, while I can't see one, a single scale could determine with 90% accuracy the heritage of the fish. I have this obnoxious feeling nothing about this story will pass even the simplest sniff test. I call foul.

I can completely understand Peter's reluctance to be even remotely associated with carping in 2020. I found carp angling in the UK to be an honorable sport (err - 1976).


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I didn’t want to start a subscription to this paper and then have to cancel my subscription soon after so I didn’t get to read this article, however if it’s what I think it is I’m not interested in any imported Carp or its capturer (unless it put on weight while in the UK over many years) and I am glad it will not be recognised by the BRFC (I hope).


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