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I've read that with perch it is a good idea to jig the float up and down occasionally as it can precipitate a bite. I sometimes do it, though can't say I have caught an extra fish because of it.  But what about roach? They can like a falling bait, so in theory if you keep lifting the float a foot it means they've got the bait falling through the last vital foot over and over.

But is there a risk it will scare them? Any views?

john clarke

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Yep Tench, Mr Bernard Venables shows that Roach do like a falling/rising bit of crust or Flake like in this Lovely old Vid' which will pass on 8 minutes or so this evening. Closely followed by Pt 2. ( shown in wrong Order - Pt 1 is the 2nd Vid'.) Pt 2 shows the "Fluttering" bread best with some nice underwater Photography. Using Mashed bread as Groundbait.


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Most shop bought bread will just fall off if you the jig the float ,i presume a more robust bread was used back then ,next time i get distracted and my bread turns into a brick i will post it on ,bait or edible doorstep your choice lol

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I’ve caught loads of fish over the years when I’ve moved the bait; sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t work but it’s a worthwhile ploy if bites are being very slow.

A well known method for Barbel is to roll or trundle a bait along the bottom every minute or so, and bites are often induced by a bait that is being twitched along the bottom as soon as you start to move it. And I’ve caught Roach and Rudd soon after I’ve gently lifted a bait and then let it settle back onto the bottom when I’ve been using a Pole.

Not the same thing but; I think that some predatory fish will be enticed to strike at a moving bait out of instinct (or anger) even when they are not hungry; like the 16lb Pike a friend of mine caught by accident when his bright orange tutti-fruity boiley was instantly swallowed as soon as it hit the bottom. I doubt very much that the Pike would have taken a fruity flavoured boiley otherwise but I guess something landing almost on its head had caused it to instantly strike; out of pure instinct.


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Use it a lot when perch fishing - twitching just a couple of inches often leads to a bite - as does recasting - can think of a couple of times recently when recasting has produced an instant result with the worm being grabbed on the drop.....

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