Just off the main A34 between Congleton and Newcastle-under-Lyme

Situated just off the main A34 between Congleton and Newcastle-under-Lyme, Moreton, (or Peck’s as it is sometimes known) is a friendly 3 pool venue now in the hands of the Talbot family. Since taking over in May 2009, the fishery has seen a raft of improvements since the previous management team departed.

The new team consists of Chris (Snr), Chris (Jnr) and Mary who is the domestic expert and keeps the place running smoothly. The Talbots have sensible ideas for the future which include plans to deepen parts of the main lake to improve the winter sport, creation of more solid angling platforms and comfortable pegs for all visitors, and install enhanced lighting across the site.

I visited over a weekend in March 2010 and found the banks busy with keen anglers of all types. Dads and lads, long stay carpers and general coarse anglers had all made the trip to sample the fishing on offer, and, having taken the time to find out about the developments at Moreton, every angler told me that this is a fishery which is back on the map. Day tickets are very cheap at just £7 for the day (adults) with concessions allowed and even better value for youngsters. A 24 hour stay will set you back just £18!

Moreton Fisheries Main LakeThe biggest attraction is undoubtedly the Main Lake which is situated in the centre of the fishery. At around 7 acres, with 53 pegs, the water is stocked with a good head of carp up to around 27lbs and some huge shoals of bream with average over 4lbs in weight. The stock is split 60/40 with carp the dominant species. Depths across the pool stand at 5’-6’ at the car park end shallowing off towards the road side (A34). The lake bed consists of a mix of peat and sand with very few snags to get caught up in. Well established bank side trees and shrubbery give anglers lots of cover between pegs and deep margins give the opportunity to trap unwary fish close in. A large island can be reached by means of a footbridge which gives access to a good number of pegs with commanding views of open water.
Currently however, open matches are held on the Main Lake every Sunday with fishing 9a.m – 4p.m Entry is £15 all in, and this is something that should be considered if you want to spend the day carp fishing.

All types of angling except method feeders are allowed on this lake, night fishing should ideally be booked in advance and there are no bait restrictions (apart from particles which can be used if properly prepared).

Pecks Pool, across from the car park, is float fishing only. Again stocked with loads of hungry carp, Peck’s also has plenty of silvers and some lovely crucian carp to target. Pole fishing is a favourite on this 28 peg venue. A constant 4’-5’ gives plenty of water to vary your angling. No nuts or floating baits are allowed on this quieter pool.

Ideal for Dads and lads, Cottage Pool can only be described as ‘fish soup’. A‘bite a chuck’ water, it’s stuffed full of silver fish, carp, chub, barbel and who knows what else and is guaranteed to provide sport for those who like to fish ‘busy’! 25 pegs give lots of options for visitors to try. Float fishing is the only method allowed, and no groundbait or nuts on this water….you will only need maggots, corn or breadflake here!

Other facilities include a huge car park, clean toilets, hot food delivered to your peg, bait is available to purchase on site, and limited terminal tackle can be obtained from the lodge.

In summary, Moreton has been the subject of negative rumours in the past, with reports of fish thefts and other losses, but this appears to be just that; rumours spread by detractors and scare mongers. Every angler I spoke to was a regular visitor and many were able to show pictures of previous captures. While I was there, I saw top quality fish to just under 20lbs hit the bank and everyone seemed perfectly happy with the new team. I saw many upgrades of pathways and pegs in progress and I’ve also seen the plans for the future of Moreton Fisheries; it looks good! Why not give it a go? Try it for yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised! Find out more on Facebook, (Moreton Fisheries) or give Chris a ring on 01260 272839.

Moreton Fisheries Main Lake
Moreton Fisheries Main Lake

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