Been a good start to the season for me on the Lower/Tidal Severn, cast out at midnight opening night after spombing a mixture of 3 FootTwitch assorted boilies and Monster Mix with extra added rock salt to help keep it fresh.

Before I could cast the second rod the first went off, unfortunately lost it by the time I put the other rod down (felt like a chub).
All was quiet then until 3.30am when one of the Nomadic Lower Severn Barbel ripped off with my REDEMPTION test bait, at 11lb 3oz it was a great start to the season.
The next day went very quiet with just a few small chub until 8pm when another savage take resulted in an 8lb Barbel, really thought that would be a sign of a few more that night but unfortunately the night was biteless.
Only a few fish but this far down the Severn they all count I packed up Saturday early afternoon due to the heat.

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