Tackle And Bait Reviews

Pallatrax Hidra Range

Pallatrax are a well known name within the fishing industry with their Stonze alternatives to leads which not only work very well and blend in naturally with the other stones in the lake, they are also a lot better for the environment than standard leads and have been taken on by the superb Gillhams Fishing

54lber for Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha

Huge 54lb Common Landed On Candy Floss Baits Check out this beast of a common, which tipped the scales at 54lb. Better still, Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha landed it on a quick, morning-only session. Targeting a large gravel pit near his home town in northeast France, Thomas has been pre-baiting an area on

Bait-Tech Advanced Bait Solutions 4

Although this FREE video from Bait-Tech was released in 2015 Advanced Bait Solutions 4 is full of highly informative and useful information.  It is presented in a way that is entertaining so will keep you watching it. Obviously the video promotes the Bait-Tech range but it does it in a way that actually gives you

Baitwize Tester Andy Payne catches a stunner

Arriving at the lake on the Thursday Baitwize tester Andy Payne baited up with a kilo of Supernatural which he had air dried so that he could Feed at range with a throwing stick.   As the hook bait Andy was using an 18mm Supernatural dipped in the same molasses used as an ingredient. At

Birthday PB for Solar Tackle team member

Birthday wishes don’t come much bigger or better than this. This impressive 64lb 4oz common has been landed by Solar Tackle team member Max Reichard on his birthday while on a session in France using the Solar’s TunaMino boilies, current under testing. “The start to the session was slow, but after changing my approach and