Joining the Deeper Hero’s Team is a great honour and a privilege for an angler like me and it’s been great fun recently trying out this exciting new product.

For those who don’t already know me please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nathan Edgell, I’m based in the UK and I absolutely love river fishing for my favourite species which is Esox Lucius – The Northern Pike although I do like fishing for other species to.


My experience of using the Deeper Fishfinder in all honesty is that it is extremely eye opening and it’s something that I look forward to learning more about and gaining more experience with. Most importantly of all it’s been fun, after all nothing should excite an angler more than when his or her phone starts making a noise which indicates there’s fish in front of you just waiting to be caught. Plus gaining an insight as to what is happening under the water is a fantastic edge.

“An example of a recent small river slack”

Now some might think that results are far more important than just fun and if that’s you then that’s fine as angling means all kinds of different things to different people but this is me and I’m always looking to have fun in my fishing, that said there have been results so please read on.

When it comes to locating and catching Pike then I don’t think it would be unreasonable to say that I have over the years developed my own built in “fishfinder” which has enabled me to catch hundreds of pike from a variety of different waters.

Therefore I had to ask myself what could the Deeper product possibly do for me? Possibly when it comes to my favourite species not that much but when it comes to other species then it really is a valuable asset and can still help with pike to after all we are always learning.


  • Firstly there are certain areas of water which I’ve always wondered if there were fish there or possibly just one big pike and I relish the opportunity of being able to search these places quickly, thoroughly and accurately.
  • Secondly it’s nice to be able to accurately record water temperature and perhaps more importantly being able to accurately map the bottom of waters to enable me to find possible features for the session and the future and of course to instantly know the depth.
  • Thirdly and this is the real test but having the ability to actually locate fish could save a huge amount of time and for a nonprofessional angler who with a young family and a full time job that isn’t fishing related then this could be extremely valuable.

Finally I’ve mentioned the fun factor but it’s worth mentioning that Deeper has another thing going for it and that is potential. By this I mean I look forward to fishing for other predators and different species as the year goes on and having the ability to use this product on the sea and maybe for lake Catfish or big Perch really excites me.

Using Deeper

I’m not going to bore you here with all the technical detail as you can find all that on the website but what I will tell you with my limited experience so far is that it actually works. The battery usage has been excellent and the drain on my iPhone hasn’t been as bad as I assumed it would be. I have been using Deeper by simply clipping it to my lure trace and casting it into the river it really is as simple as that, so simple in fact that I can use it. From the moment it hits the water you simply open the app and receive the data via Bluetooth or with the Pro Plus model you can use it anywhere as it has its own built in wifi. It’s a bit scary seeing the monetary value going into the river but it’s no different from every time or if you’ve ever sent out a bait boat. The only other factor to note is the disturbance of the water you are about to fish, however for those of who lure or float fish then the amount of disturbance is the same as that.

Results So Far

The deeper smart sonar has assisted me with some catches so far that is a fact. Not by locating individual fish so much although that has happened but more by allowing me to really understand what is happening beneath the surface.

On one particular river slack the Deeper alerted me to a fish positioned on the bottom and I cast beyond that mark and when my lure was over the top of it I had a take. Coincidence possibly, but in my opinion unlikely as it was spot on.

On another occasion I could see a fish lying up against a snag and again my intuition told me it was a pike. Casting a lure over the position resulted in a take which led to another pike on the bank and this one was over 1m in length.

“A river pike lying up against an underwater snag”

Other fish have also been located and caught and it really is exciting and great fun.


To conclude I’d like to say that I love the Deeper fish finder and I think it could be an asset to any angler. It is simple, easy to use and transport. It has great potential for the future and especially for those new waters which it will certainly help to map out regardless of actually catching fish and I can’t wait to use it in my quest for other species. Regarding the question of does it detract from watercraft and knowledge in my opinion I don’t think it does. After all if you find the depth by plumbing or by using this is there really any difference? Well only you can decide that but personally I think it is another tool in the angler’s armoury and a very fun and exciting one at that.

Nathan Edgell

Adventures of a River Piker.

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