Avanti Carp Sack Keepnet

In the past 12 months I’ve started fishing club matches which has meant a few visits to some of the biggest waters in the country where catches can go well into 150lb-plus.

This is quite a departure from the normal clubbies where you can still pick up money with 20lb.

The new venues have meant I’ve needed a couple of keepnets – regulations say you can get docked weight if you put too many carp in a single net. Silver fish also have to be kept separate.

For that reason I’ve invested in this Avanti Carp Sack Keepnet… in fact I’ve bought three!

At just £9.99, you get a net that’s as good as any big brand item yet you pay a fraction of the money – to be honest there’s simply no difference. It has strong stitching, a pivot head to get the right angle, and it also boasts the Angling Foundation badge.

A great piece of kit for the modern angler – you’d be mad to buy anything else.

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Avanti Carp Sack Keepnet