Most anglers these days carry around a phone capable of taking some stunning photos but how do you take that great selfie of your personal best fish when your on your own?

Well for less than £5 you can get yourself the perfect selfie kit!!

The first part that we found on eBay was the tripod and universal camera holder, this version of the tripod has legs that can be wrapped around branches, etc to keep it in place and Anthony has one of these on order for himself as currently he is using the fixed leg tripod which although good doesn’t give the versatility of the wrap around legs.  

You can find the tripod and camera holder on eBay here –>

The next part of the set up is the remote control for your camera and this universal one will work with both iOS devices and android devices.  Anthony has been using this particular model of remote for about two years now and it works with all the phones he has tried.  You can pay more for it in the UK if you want it quick but if you don’t mind waiting for it to arrive from China you can find it for 99p on eBay here –>

Combine the two together and you have an absolutely brilliant solution to your selfies at a price pretty much everyone can afford.

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