The classic North East jigger

The classic North East jigger, used by 99% of all anglers who wreck fish in this area.

The jigger is made from 1″-1½” chrome pipe about 8″ long. The pipe is hammered closed at one end and filled with lead to the required weight. Normally that would range from 1lb to 2lb and a variety would be carried to suit tide conditions. Once cold the flattened end of the pipe is drilled to take a strong split ring.

The bottom of the pipe is drilled twice. Two lengths of strong nylon cord are cut to about 12″ and threaded throught the bottom holes – the cord is knotted tight at each side to “lock” cord in place. 6/0 or 8/0 hooks are whipped onto the ends of the cord. A main trace of about 48″ is tied to the spit ring and has a 100lb -120lb swivel tied at the other end. 6″ loops are formed in the main 80lb line to take the muppets mounted on 6/0 – 8/0 hooks. An alternative method is to hammer the open end of the jigger and fit a split ring as at the top. To this a 6/0 -8/0 treble is fitted.

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