Three rigs for flatfish

The basic rig consists of a length of 30lb line tied to a swivel and ending in a lead link. The distance between the lead link and hook snood swivel is variable between 15 and 25cm.

Plaice Fishing Rig

Use the shorter length in a slack tide and the longest in a strong tide. The two snoods above are also variable. However the opposite applies. Use the longest lengths for a slack tide and vice versa. The white attractor is an optional extra, but can make a difference.

Plaice Fishing Rig

Plaice Fishing Rig

Another optional extra is the addition of a weak link between lead link and sinker, plaice can be taken over gravel or mussel beds, which can quite easily snag your line or sinker. The distance from the hook to the start of the beads depends on the bait. If using simply ragworm (probably the best overall bait) tipped with razor, squid etc; then a gap may not be needed.

However, if using a cocktail (which can prove effective) of rag, lug, crab tipped with razor, squid etc, a gap will be needed. The number of beads is entirely up to you. For the single hook trace use larger beads than for the two hook trace. Pictures and text adapted from a contribution by Alan Charlton.

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