Rig for fishing at short range over snaggy ground

The Rotten Bottom is part and parcel of some North East angling, but is equally useful in any area when fishing at short range over snaggy ground.

My version is designed for simple lob casting over short distances. The trace ends in an oval split ring above which is a large round bead kept tight against the spilt ring with a crimp. Attached to the bottom of the spilt ring is a short length of main line which is formed into a loop.

Also, a longer length of weak line is attached to the split ring. An oval split ring is also attached to the sinker. To operate – the loop of line is put through the split ring on the sinker and looped over the upside down bait clip. The weaker line is tied direct to the sinker split ring. When the sinker hits the water the loop lifts off the upside down bait clip and slides back through the sinker split ring. This leaves the sinker attached only by the weaker line which can easily be snapped off if the sinker becomes snagged.

My choice of trace length for the Rotten Bottom is
Main trace to split ring — 24″
Hook trace — 16″
Loop of main line — 12″
Weak link — 12″

Rig by Jaybee

Rotten Bottom Rig

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