Angler's Mail

The latest edition of Angler's Mail (18th August, 2009) just arrived through my letterbox. It's usually here a day earlier, but I understand that Royal Mail are having a few problems!

This week's edition feels even heavier than usual, due to a 48-page Chapmans Angling pull-out catalogue. Being an internet junkie, I tend not to buy from catalogues these days, but a quick flick through revealed quite a few offers, some of which may even be difficult to beat oinline.

For those of you new to Angler's Mail, the index is broken down into five sections. Here's a brief look at this week's;

Angler's MailNEWS
as well as a lead article regarding the Angling Trust, you'll find details of a huge River Kennet barbel capture, some enormous tench and some even bigger (well, longer) eels!

As well as details of many new products, Angler's Mail reviews quite a few pieces of tackle and bait. Bill Rushmer also takes a look at a variety of supermarket baits this week, with the spotlight on the various tinned meats out there. Not only does this make for cheap fishing, but the proliferation of 24-7 supermarkets now means that no freshwater angler should be caught short when it comes to bait!

Peter Kingsbury talks carp, Ade Kiddell takes the reader barbel fishing, Ian Welch goes carping, Colin Davidson shows how to make a carp-beating rig and Gary Newman reveals the Dynamite Baits Carp Cup July winner.

With reporters all over the UK, this section is one that match and pleasure anglers will often turn to first.

Some great tips for free baits in 'All The Answers' this week, including an illustration of an elderberry float rig. Elderberries are often an overlooked bait, yet can prove highly effective at the right time and in the right place. And they're free! Two that stood out for me, mainly because I've never heard of anyone using them, are cherries and raspberries. If you've had success with these, please let us know in our coarse fishing forum.

Dr. Stuart Clough takes a look at Grayling this week, whilst Matt Sparkes takes us through the basics of the pellet waggler.

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