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We review Stuart Higgs’ awesome year on the Horton Church Lake that has seen him land nine forties in three months! Also, look out for Fingers from Horton Church Lake for Darren Willeatts, Black Scar from the Avenue for Harry Hales, and two cracking forties for Martin Bell at Bluebell Kingfisher Lake. 

The CC Moore & Co Ltd team shows us how to boost hookbaits for extra attraction, and successful Kingsmead 1 rod George Loughlin of Baits explains why he has so much faith in snowman presentations. Nathan Bailey of Carp concludes his two-parter on Lodge Lakes, and Matt Rhodes tries to repay some of the debt he owes to angling. Ben Wales champions the hinged stiff rig, and products from Crafty CatcherWychwood Carp,KODEX Intelligent TackleBaitologyBait-Tech Carp SceneMonster Particle and ESP Carpgear go under the spotlight.

We’ve got £260 worth of Blakes Baits Snowberry goodies to give away, and the The official Nash Tackle page monthly winners are announced.

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