Rob Maylin gives us a look at what’s inside this latest issue of Big Carp magazine

Monsters and Myths

Have I got a banger of an issue for you this month! If your passion is big, black warriors, waters that rarely get spoken about let alone written about, beautiful long scaly beasts or a bit of Rotary Letter banter, this month’s issue is the magazine for you.

Let’s start with this month’s cover story, as my old mate Nigel Sharp lifts the lid on Yateley’s secret big fish water, Mill Lane. Kept under wraps for several decades, this small venue on the outskirts of the old Cemex complex has been growing carp to humungous proportions for many years. It’s secrets held close to the chests of those fishing this incredible venue, secretly producing carp over fifty pounds to its dedicated members. This 22-page epic tale covers Nigel’s two-year campaign on the venue with unpublished photos of all his amazing captures, topped by this month’s cover, a superb 50lb myth revealed for the first time.

Next up is the return of the dynamic duo, Barry and Ben Oconnor, back in Big Carp with a banging tale of monsters, big black warriors and beautiful long scaly beasts. When these guys were fishing this session, the number of posts on the Big Carp Facebook feed was unreal – fish after fish, each one looking bigger than its predecessor, each one blacker, older and more of a beast. The session was incredible; the social networks were on meltdown as post after post went viral. Now exclusively for Big Carp readers is the full, unedited story of the haul, all 16 pages of it.

While on the subject of beautiful long scaly beasts, next up to take a bow is Jon Quinn and his tale of Berkshire perfection! They do not get much better than these ones, I promise you – proper history fish, and each one an English thoroughbred, carp porn perfection at the highest level… Every one will make you gasp at its glory, I kid you not.

Now let’s move up a gear to our technical section this month and the return of an old favourite to these pages, this time in conjunction with Cherry Carp, a brand new Rotary Letter, the Cherry Rotary Club – another fantastic magazine exclusive. The subject this month is rigs, and how to uncomplicate the complicated with contributions from an A-team of thinkers: Bernie Loftus, Mark Walsingham, Bill Phillips, Ali Fisher and Martin Crackoff. What a team! With more subjects to come and more contributors too, even the odd comment from me when I have a minute.

Last but not least, and still on a technical theme, Rod Hutchinson’s Ken Beech takes a look at preparation for the forthcoming seasons, with parts on watercraft and effective angling to follow. Add to this lot your regular bulletin of carpy news, carp tackle reviews, four great competitions to win holidays at Lake Bossard, Urban Bait, Bountyhunter Carp Books and Big Carp Subbies.

Speaking of subbies, isn’t it about time you took one out, for as little as £31.50? See pages 54 and 55. And don’t forget to check out our free online sister magazine, Free Line this month too.

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