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MOVE into September with the best fishing magazine on the shelf – the big value £1.80 Angler’s Mail.

Here are some highlights for Anglers' Net fans from the August 28 cover-dated issue, on sale now.

In a very special feature, the Mail’s unrivalled panel of experts spill the beans!

FLOATER RIGS – a highly effective option for you to try!

BEAT THE WEED – find a clearer path through the green menace.

BEST RODS REVEALED - pellet waggler rods rated.


  • Carp stage ‘the great escape!’
  • Monster zander has record potential
  • Massive fish kill investigated
  • Carp star’s mega haul
  • Marukyu’s exciting new soft options


  • Where To Fish This Weekend
  • How river roach are making a comeback
  • Specimen urban bream on a day ticket
  • Secret Lives explores stock density
  • Barbel on a bait and tackle budget

AND LOTS MORE! Don’t miss the new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine.

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