Big Carp Issue 247

Big Carp Issue 247 is out now. Here's the editor's intro.....


Have I got an incredible mag for you this month or what? I promise you, there’s something for everybody – huge carp, sound advice, exclusive stories, monsters from off the beaten track and articles you will never see anywhere but in BC.

Where do I start? The EXCLUSIVE diary of The Urban Myth I suppose, and Terry has caught his biggest fish of his life by a mile! Read all about it when he and I met up earlier this month.

Spring Tactics is one of the themes this month, and with that special time of the year only a few weeks away, I thought it was time we got some advice on the latest techniques that have been ripping it up of late. I'm very pleased to welcome Barry and Ben O'Connor back to the mag with the first of a series of articles giving away the secrets that have made them so successful of late; you have to have been living on another planet if you don't know what I mean. Wayne Iszatt is a thinking angler, and his unique watercraft piece proves what a fine line it is between success and failure. Hook points, feeding spots, bait and bait application, rigs, bite times and resting your spots are just some of the subjects covered, backed up by some huge, proper English warriors, never seen in print. Speaking of colossal carp, Jonny Hinks’ Spring Approach piece has a few! Also there’s prebaiting with Daniel Leney whose awesome campaign on the Island Lake has become legendary… and here's how he did it.

If that wasn't enough, we have some exclusives that are going to get you all fired up for the spring season. Dan Bruton is back!! You all read his mindblowing campaign on Fen Drayton last year, and who could forget “The Client” in our special 25th Anniversary Issue? Well, he's been at ‘em again with some incredible carp, written in his own unique style, and only in Big Carp of course! Add to this the monster of Wellington, the one they all want to catch, the amazing Turtle heading for 60lb and caught by our cover star this month, Spud Sims.

And finally for you lovers of myths and legends, we have a few ‘Off The Beaten Track’ pieces to get your blood pumping. A massive common over 40 from the Thames, some pristine park lake gems and some treasures of the New Forest… WHAT A LINEUP!! As I said, there’s something for everybody.

We have a NEW monthly completion from Urban Bait, which will run all year to add to our monthly iBaits comp, the winner of December’s Good Looking Carp of the month competition – a scaly Oxford torpedo, all the latest news, catch reports and reviews plus some mind blowing new subscription offers for 2017. Now is the time to subscribe! It’s only three more issues to our milestone 250th ISSUE!!

Let’s pray for low pressures!

See you next month,