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The Legends are Coming!

What a fantastic month I have just had working on the new Legends series of books that I decided to publish to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Big Carp in 2011. As most of you will know, we kicked off with Sir Pete Springate, and what a popular read this has become. As you know, Pete’s not much of a writer and has therefore never had a book out to celebrate his incredible fishing life, so one was well overdue. Rather than ghost write one, I wanted to capture the essence of the man himself and so recorded his life history in Pete’s unique and unmissable style. No wonder his book has been so popular.

Lee Jackson was next of course – a fantastic tribute to a great angler. Lee already had a book out but that was only about the record fish, Two Tone, so a life history was also overdue. Ritchie Mac was third, once again an angler with a huge following but with very little written about him. His book was an obvious success. Steve Briggs followed Ritchie. Steve’s talent for catching the world’s biggest carp was truly emphasised when he landed the Black Mirror from Colnemere. Dave Lane’s book covered all the years before and after his two best sellers and was filled with extra stories and photos that never made his earlier books.

Big Carp MagazineMe? Well, having written five books you might have thought I had nothing new to say, but this could not have been further from the truth. There were so many stories that I dared not write in my early books, but now was the chance to right the wrongs, name and shame and tell of all those things we got up to years ago. As you have probably heard some people were going to be upset, but it was time to speak out and tell the truth.

This brings us up to my opening line and my recent get-togethers with the remaining four in the Legends series, and I am excited to tell you I have some super-special authors coming up. Firstly there’s Bruce Ashby, who was the 1960s equivalent of Terry Hearn, breaking all the records, and starring on the front page of the fishing papers every week. Bruce’s fishing life is remarkable, from the Kent ‘hotbed’ in the 60s to his last 20 years at Savay – a remarkable angler with a remarkable story to tell. Unfortunately Bruce has not been at all well and is now on his third lot of chemotherapy, so I’m not sure when his book will be out, but it is worth waiting for I assure you.

Mike Wilson’s book is totally amazing. Mike is the country’s leading carp fishing historian. He lives, eats and breathes carp fishing history. He has forgotten more than most people will ever know about fishing, but he is the perfect gentleman and one of the most interesting guys I have ever met. His book, which is not all about carp, mainly describes in detail his 20-plus years at Savay before anyone had even heard of it. Before the syndicate, before Rod, Kevin, Andy or me, Mike had the place to himself for over 20 years –imagine that! This book is a must read for everyone remotely interested in carp.

Albert Romp was my next port of call. This book, as you will imagine, is full of funny stories. Albert’s windups are legendary and so are his catches. The captor of the biggest brace in the UK, the man who named Sally, he’s one of the original old school. Albert is totally original, a one-off and certainly a legend.

Finally it was John Harry that I visited in his Ruislip home. I had last seen him in 2007 when he did a bit for Big Carp. John has had four more very successful seasons since last we met, catching numerous 40-pluses every season since and he had a new rig he wanted to share with us; a rig set to revolutionise carp fishing as we know it! For that and all these things you will have to be patient and wait.

There’s hardly any space to talk about this month’s magazine, but briefly it’s a cracker with a new series from the prolific Ben Dowers, a season with Malcolm Grice, and Ian Stott in unstoppable form! There are exclusive diaries from Ed Betteridge and Sean Leverett, Keith Jenkins’ incredible Made in England plus the Big Carp Rotary Letter featuring Laney, Jacko, Ed, Sean, Jon McAllister, and me.

Do you really want to miss out on that lot? No! Well get yourself a subscription now at and take advantage of the terrific giveaways we have this month.

Rob Maylin

One Last Season on the Church Lake By Ben Dowers
Winter Woes and Creation of a Bait By Ed Betteridge
Made in England By Keith Jenkins
The One that Got Away By Sean Leverett
My 2011 Season By Malcolm Grice
Big Carp Rotary Letter

Baitzone Punch Crumb Tips By Tim Childs

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