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Here's the introduction from the man himself, Rob Maylin, along with a list of articles you can expect to find inside.


Big Carp – Big News!

It's been a month of big changes here at Bountyhunter, but before I tell you all about that, here’s what I’ve got for you in this month’s incredible Big Carp. Prolific catcher, Ian Stott, is back this month and for the foreseeable future, and he’s been haulin’. He’s had a record-breaking month with an absolute stack of monster carp from two venues – more than a dozen thirties and a catchall of forties too, topped off by a near 50lb mirror and a 48lb-plus common. Add to that a mid-forty ghostie and you can see why we are so excited to have his exclusive diary. Not only that, but we are proud to announce that Bountyhunter will be publishing Ian’s book early next year, and we are saving loads of unpublished chapters for that. Ian’s will be the first in a series of books entitled ‘Big Carp Hunters’ – a series to celebrate Big Carp’s 200th issue next year.

Quickly, while on the subject of books, the next in the Legends series is out very shortly – Albert Romp, which will be followed by Mike Wilson, two great anglers that we know very little about. They are very different books… Albert’s, as you would expect, is full of funny stories and anecdotes, after all the ‘Savay Looney Rota’ was named after Albert by Rod Hutchinson, whilst Mike, the quiet ‘gentleman’ carp angler, spent 20 years on Savay before a soul knew anything about it! Both their life histories make fascinating reading.

Big Carp MagazineThe Big Carp Rotary Letter rolls on again this month with a lineup that rivals any ever put together at one time. This is the read of the serious carp angler and has become immensely popular over the years. UK river carping is the subject of a fantastic article by Dave Little this month, once again with some huge specimens.

Mick Tuck makes a welcome return to our pages with a season at home and away. Mick almost made the front cover with his superb linear mirror, only to find he had no portrait shots to fit the cover. Don’t forget to turn your camera 90 degrees for an upright or two if you would like to be on our cover at any time.

This month’s cover is a real rare one, and we are very privileged to have a shot of this fish from St Ives Shallow Lagoon by this very publicity-shy angler, so a big, big thank-you to Andy Askew. By the way, we also have loads of information on the Cemex sale in this issue, for those interested.

So to our eventful month… Well, we’re having a change of distributor after 13 years with Diamond Magazines (cheers, guys). We have been taken on by distribution giant COMAG, the largest and most prestigious distribution company in the UK, and we are ecstatic, so much so that we needed to hire a full-time distribution manager to liaise with COMAG and push Big Carp countrywide. Here is the press release issued to the trade/advertisers:

As Big Carp magazine approaches its 200th issue, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Handley as distribution manager and our new distributor COMAG, the largest magazine distributor in the UK.

Rob Maylin said: “I am absolutely delighted to be onboard with COMAG ( Distribution has always been a major concern, and taking on Mark Handley as distribution manager will really improve our penetration into the news trade. I have really concentrated on our subscription base and fishing tackle shop stockists in the past, and I am very grateful for the huge number of people who have subscribed to Big Carp since day one. Developing our APPS with The Apple Store two years ago has really been an eye-opener to the potential of the magazine, and now that it’s being read online in over 40 countries, it was time to push the title forward into new avenues previously unexplored. We have promotions planned in W.H. Smiths, Tesco, Asda, etc, along with improved penetration into the independent newsagents and retailers, all under the expert guidance of Mark Handley who has 20 years’ experience with COMAG doing just this. In these difficult times it’s hard to be optimistic about many things, but I am very excited about our new alliance.”

COMAG said: “COMAG are absolutely delighted to be taking over the distribution of Big Carp magazine from the issue going on sale 31 May, 2012 and believe that the newsstand sales certainly have room for growth, which we look forward to developing with Bountyhunter Publications.”

Mark Handley said: “I am very excited to be working for Bountyhunter Publications as Distribution Manager. I have over 20 years’ experience in this field and intend to work closely with COMAG to push Big Carp into avenues new to this magazine. I will be targeting WH Smiths, Tesco and the independent newsagents and have every confidence that great inroads can be made with this title now that it is in the hands of the UK’s No. 1 Distributor.”



When you add to this the two Legends books we’re working on, the Yateley book for MacMillan Cancer Research, the launch of a series of beautiful colour prints of legendary carp (see page 51), and preparations for the 200th issue spectacular, it’s been a bit of a hectic month! I’m off fishing for a week now, so I’ll let you know how I got on next issue.

Be lucky,

Rob Maylin

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