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Here's the introduction from the man himself, Rob Maylin, along with a list of articles you can expect to find inside.


Rare Carp Special Issue

As you will imagine from the title, we’ve got some very special carp to share with you this month. Let’s start with Craig Runham who made his debut in last month’s issue with the first instalment of his adventures on the 350-acre pit, aka Theale Lagoon. This huge gravel pit on the outskirts of Reading has received very little pressure over the years and even less publicity, but the lid has blown right off last month with the start of Craig’s epic adventures. Well let me tell you, this month we have the ‘crème de la crème’ of unspoilt proper English thoroughbreds from Theale and a couple of other venues never written about… A fantastic scoop for Big Carp!

Big Carp MagazineWell, it doesn’t get much better than that. Or does it? Listen to this… Carpin’ Rags Rob called me up, and he’s fishing another unknown quantity, a 170-acre water park, stock unknown, rumours many, but sightings of commons over forty and a mirror over 50. Rob had been asked by a very secretive member to photograph an unknown 40-plus common; they had a chat and it turned out that Marc (Mr Secret) has been quietly pulling them out and keeping quiet. One thing led to another and I persuaded Marc to tell us all about it and some of his other monsters. Marc has been travelling around the country over the past ten years or so, fishing waters low stocked, unknown and unpublished. And on his travels, guess what he’s been catching? Some very rare carp indeed. In fact this is not the first time Marc has caught an unknown 40-plus common and not told anyone! Truth is Marc has caught 40-plus commons from half a dozen UK venues topped by a common of 58lb 2oz. Prepare to have your eyes opened to some very rare carp from waters rarely, if ever, publicised, such as Longreach in Cambridge, Brogborough in Bedfordshire, the River Trent, Swarkstone Reservoir, the A1 Pits, Scout Lake, Baden and the water park! Join Marc on his travelling adventures, off the beaten track in search of monster carp.

Also this month is Ed Betteridge’s exclusive diary. Prolific catching machine Ed has been at it again with yet another target firmly under his belt. There’s some good news for all of Ed’s followers too, as we will be publishing Ed’s book in 2013. Diary number two comes from Sean Leverett, a favourite of our readers for several years. Sean is out there doing it every month on a variety of venues. He’s on the Roach Pit now and catching some crackers, as you would expect. That’s two exclusive diaries from two of the UK’s most consistent big fish anglers.

Keith Jenkins’ Made in England is stuffed to the maximum with massive summer monsters this issue – definitely not to be missed and a great read. Speaking of summer monsters, don’t miss our catch reports in this month’s issue with some beautiful specimens kindly sent in by our readers.

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Until next month, be lucky,

Rob Maylin


Five Forties - Part 2 by Craig Runham
Made in England - By Keith Jenkins
Big Carp - Rotary Letter
Two Nights, Two Lakes, Two Forties - By Ed Betteridge
Off to a Flier - By Martin Pierce
A Move to the Roach Pit - By Sean Leverett
Revenge is Sweet - By Robbie Fielding
The Traveller - By Marc Twaite

Baitzone PVA Friendly Hempseed Tips - By Tim Childs

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