Boat Fishing Monthly

Boat Fishing Monthly is the only dedicated magazine to the boat fishing world. Whether you are a boat owner or a charter boat user, you will find the pages of useful information in every issue will help you improve your boat fishing skills. Each issue includes advice on where to fish, the best baits, rigs and tackle to use, information on different species, tackle and boat maintenance.

Here’s a summary of the key features this month…


Black Bream Bonanza
BFM Editor, Dave Barham, reveals how a certain brand of carp fishing pellets have revolutionized the way that some anglers fish for black bream – with outstanding results.

Those Irish Eyes
Essex charter skipper, Terry Batt, recalls a trip to Ireland where he and his wife Nicky witnessed some monster common skate being caught for the first time. It’s all about the eyes you know…

Thornbacks From Yaks
Simon Everett explains the nitty gritty for targeting thornback rays from a kayak – one of the many inshore species that top 10lb in weight.

The Dogs Are Back
Jim O’Donnell explains just how good the spurdog revival is when he jumps on board a boat out of Plymouth. It’s great news for the spurs and anglers alike!

Boat Fishing MonthlyInside Information
Phill Williams reveals a few marks where huge catches of tope and smoothhounds are on the cards – with up to 50 tope in a single day possible!

UK Hooks, An Inside Look
BFM pokes its nose through the doors of one of the most successful online retailers based on the Isle of Wight. It’s a cavalcade of all things tackle!


Gear Bag
This month Des takes a look at the new Abu Alphamar 12 reel and the Berkley Urban Spirit spinning rods

Tackle Locker
This month we check out the latest offerings from Red Gill, Sidewinder and Daiwa


Boat Test
Simon Everett reveals a stunning new aluminium 16-footer that is literally bomb proof!

Essential Electronics
This month we check out the new range of Garmin echo fishfinders. With units from under £100, you’d be a fool not to check them out!

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