Boat Fishing Monthly

Boat Fishing Monthly is the only magazine totally dedicated to all aspects of sea fishing afloat for charter boat, private boat or dinghy anglers. It is the essential read for boat anglers of all abilities. Every issue is packed full of exciting features providing readers with the latest methods, marks and expert advice plus reviews for tackle & boats to make the sport more enjoyable and accessible.

What's in the October issue?

Autumn Blues
Jim O’Donnell reveals the tactics that could see you boating loads of big blue sharks from your own boat!

Feeding Frenzy
Wayne Thomas explains why good bait and good conditions are essential for a hectic day’s ray fishing.

Catch A Winter Conger
Now’s the time to get yourself geared up for a big conger eel – we show you how.

Go West
Want to extend your summer fishing season? Of course you do! Graeme Pullen reveals how.

Boat Fishing MonthlyInside Information
Phill Williams reveals three sets of GPS numbers that are guaranteed to put you among some great fishing off Anglesey.

Protect Our Rays
This rather informative piece from the Shark Trustdelves into the depths of how we can look after our ray stocks.

What’s Hot

Check out what’s selling like hot cakes for mail order giants Weymouth Angling Centre.

Advice Centre

Our experienced panel of experts answer all of your tackle and fishing-related questions.

Editor’s Choice

Dave Barham, takes an in-depth look at the Daiwa Procaster X spinning rod that he’s been using this summer.

Fox Sportfishing
BFM Ed. Dave Barham, reveals a brand new, multisection travel rod and fixed spool reel set up that’s been designed for big fish abroad, as well as closer to home.

Boat Test
Jim Whippy takes to the water on the new Sea Champion 18, and discovers that it’s his kind of boat.

Essential Electronics
Take a look at the smallest stereo unit we’ve ever seen, plus a ‘plug and play’ AIS unit and a groundbreaking, top-of-the-range handheld VHF.

Motor Mouth
Big engines are all the rage, so why not check out this World first in the form of the Suzuki DF250.

Six Steps To Trailer Hub Repair

Phill Williams explains the ins and outs of repairing a damaged trailer wheel hub – don’t get caught out!

At The Helm
Our team of boat-owning experts answer all your ‘boaty’ questions.

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