Free Fish Tank

Okay, so Practical Fishkeeping isn't strictly an angling magazine, but quite a few of us anglers do keep fish (live ones, that is, not your deadbaits in the freezer - they don't count!) and Britain’s best-selling fishkeeping magazine did contact me to let me know about this offer to receive an AquaGro MicroHabitat 8 aquarium worth £59.99 when you subscribe this month. It would be a shame no to pass it on...

The AquaGro Microhabitat 8 is lit by a clip-on LED lamp containing 16 LG TopLEDs. Its flexible neck means that you can easily adjust the position and it has two switches, enabling you to adjust the brightness.

Free Fish TankIts internal filter is powered by a compact low-wattage pump which is neatly tucked away in the back of the tank, which helps keep the tank free of debris and the water low in pollution.

Made from Acrylic, it`s light, strong and much more stylish than many other glass rivals on the market. Plus, its small size, at just eight litres, also means that you can squeeze one in almost anywhere!

This offer expires on the 27th October, 2010, so please be quick and CLICK HERE to take advantage today.

Practical Fishkeeping magazine is an essential read, whether you’re a newcomer or experienced in looking after fish.