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'CATCH MORE COD' screams the cover of the latest Sea Angler magazine, with a promise of lure and bait fishing tips, east and west coast marks, and shore and boat methods. Bass and smoothounds also get a mention, along with a casting tutorial and tests on the 'best reels ever built'.

That all sounds good, so let's take a look inside, courtesy of the 'Contents' page:


Cod Are Here To Stay
A call out of the blue sees Dave Lewis heading for Aberthaw, where the Bristol Channel cod have made a spectacular comeback.

Tale Of Two Dab Trips
While waiting for the spring season to kick into gear, there's one cheeky little fish that will keep your rod nodding, and that's the dab. Shane Pullen tells you how to catch them.

Bait Is Valuable
Did you know that most anglers spend more money on bait than tackle? Yet many don't look after this valuable commodity – Chris Clark tells you how to make the most of it.

Taking It 'Easy'
The Sea Angler Irish safari team heads to the relative calmness of Tinnaberna beach, in County Wexford

It's A Hard Day's Night
After being afloat all day in a Norwegian fjord catching cod to 50lb, Paul Fenech finds it is still light at 3am, so he heads for the shore.

Sea AnglerSKILLS
Finding The Fish?
Reading a venue before planning a trip can lead to more bites and fish on the beach. Paul Fenech points out where the fish might be waiting to take your baited hook.

Let A Coach Train You
Golfers see tuition as important as their clubs, but few sea anglers ever call a casting instructor. Alan Yates joins a group of improvers.

Incoming Smoothounds
Smoothounds won't reach all regions this month, but they are on the move, with the first of the smaller fish returning to the English Channel. Find out how you can catch a big hound.

Getting Down And Dirty
Not all marine worms can be bought in a tackle shop. Sometimes you have to wade through the thickest, stickiest mud to lift harbour ragworms. The bonus is they are free and deadly when bites are hard to come by.


Tackle Shop
What's new in a tackle shop near you? A passing glance at the latest gear.

Plenty Of Pedigree
Sea Angler have never been able to pull together a line up like this – probably the best range of beach reels ever built. Casting and tackle expert John Holden test them.

It's In The Bag
TF Gear covers all the options when it comes to carrying gear. There are Force 8 rod holdalls, a boat tackle and bait bag, a big beach rucksack, a rig wallet and a bum bag.

Three Super Deals
Save nearly £150 on Sea Angler's bass outfit. Pay another tenner and get a box of lures or save £130 on an uptide outfit.

A Proper Fishing Rod
A look at the Veals Channel Special MK111.

Aim For The 'Hart'

If you're into lure fishing for predatory fish, you must see the Hart range.

Penn Sea League
Who came where in the 2010 league, and the start of this year's match series.

Clubman League
Clubs fight it out to win the team league title.

Shimano Mission
Sea Angler's popular national top catch competition.

Reporters around the country predict where you could catch this month.

Major Marks
More detail on several popular fishing marks.

National News
What's On
Young Rods
Trading Post

Sea Angler also includes two big boat and bass angler sections.

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