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Here's a look at what you can expect to find in issue 478, courtesy of the 'Contents' page:


Sea AnglerPlastic Revolution
Plastic has become the new natural bait, says Henry Gilbey as he visits the Isles of Scilly to catch wrasse on soft lures.

Spurn's Spring Secret
England match ace George Smith shows you what's possible from the beaches that run down to Spurn Head.

Weak Enforcement The Big Crime
In the wake of trawlermen admitting a multi-million-pound fishing scam, David Mitchell of the Angling Trust questions whether illegal commercial fishing is being addressed.

Battles With Raging Bulls
It's a typically soft and windy day in Ireland, so the Sea Angler team heads for Knightstown on Valentia Island to get away from the weather. Find out what they caught, and how.

Time To Go Back To The Future
John Holden, father of the magazine's Casting Club, gets passionate about the shorter and softer rods that set the standard in the late 1960's.

Aim For The Road
Chris Clark takes readers back to St Albans Head, a mark on Dorset's Jurassic coast, where wrasse and bass are on the hit list.

Spring Fever
Matt White gets ready for the spring codling and plaice invasion that hits the Walney Channel every April.

Pull Of The Pier
This new series covering angler-friendly piers starts with Shane Pullen visiting Clacton in Essex.

Talking Tactics – Dawn Ray Raiders
Sea Angler's tactics series launches with everything you wanted to know about catching spring rays.

Talking Technical – On The Pull
Alan Yates discusses the tackle and traces required to catch rays and feisty smoothounds.

Tackle Shop
All the latest gear showcased with prices and where to buy.

Ready For Red?
Paul Fenech meets Anyfish Anywhere boss Julian Shambrook on the beach to discuss his Red label range of shore rods.

Delta Force
TF Gear's two new 16ft three-piece shore rods are aimed at anglers looking to increase their casting distance and achieve better bait presentation.

Shimano Mission
See the best fish of the month in Sea Angler's big Shimano contest.

Penn Sea League
All the latest results and positions in the 2012 competition.

Penn Clubman
This is the fun match league for all club anglers.

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Young Rods
Trading Post
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As well as the main magazine features that you can see above, Sea Angler also has dedicated Boat Angler and Bass Angler sections. Here's a look inside those two specialist sections...

Don't Get Caught Short
Have you got enough line on your reel spool and is it man enough for the job? Dr. Mike Ladle's advice will ensure you can take on a powerful bass.

Snap Back At the Bass
They look a bit industrial, but the BogaGrip is the only way to safely handle a bass without getting slashed or spiked, says Henry Gilbey.

All We Have Is Hope
BASS member Matt Spence braves the Irish elements and British politics in the hope that a fish will take his lure and that the minimum landing size for bass will eventually be raised to 48cm.

Sun, Sand, Surf And Bass
Martin Parker started fishing when he was seven, then in later life switched to sea angling, mainly chasing bass with a fly. He retired to Portugal where the surf attracts big bass.

Bass Tackle
A new Powermesh X Spin rod from Daiwa, a clever box of lures from Veals Mail order, and a sling-over-your-shoulder tackle bag from Savage.

Wade Into the Ocean
Paul Fenech takes a look at the new Ocean PVC chest waders.

A Sporting Chance
To get the best from spring bass, Irish pro-guide John Quinlan suggests swapping bait for lure or fly.

Must-Have Bass Kit For £80
Everything you need for a bass session – rod, reel, mono and braid lines, and five fish-lookalike lures for only £80.

The Heavy Mob
It's been a vintage year for big cod in the English Channel, but will it last? Poole charter skipper Sam Cumming reckons so, and suggests beefy tackle and supersized baits if you want to put a 30-pounder on the deck.

Fishing Festival
There are not many places where you can catch a wide range of fish in February. But Penzance in Cornwall is one port that offers non-stop sport, as Dave Lewis found out.

Win A Fish-Finder
After telling you about the new Condor fish-finders from America in the last issue, Sea Angler are now giving you the chance to win one of their three review models valued at up to £275 each.

In A Class Of their Own
Modern day boat anglers are ditching heavy-duty reels that could lift a wreck in favour of much lighter outfits. With the emphasis more on fun, many are now using smaller 20lb-class multiplier reels.

A Sense Of Porpoise
Hearing of a great plaice catch off the Skerries, Andy Benham and a pal hope to repeat the feat – but the local marine wildlife may have beaten them to the mark.

Skipper Your Own Boat
If you want to skipper your own boat, then RYA Powerboat Instructor Dave Lewis explains what's involved.

Spacious Angling Boat

Marketing speak in boat brochures does not usually inspire Sea Angler's tester Dave Lewis, but the Redfinn 6M lives up to its description.

A Man In A Million
John Wilson looks back in appreciation at one of our most influential skippers.

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