Sea Angler

Sea Angler has been market leader for over 35 years and during that time it has stayed in touch with the sport as it evolves. It is first when it comes to tackle tests, instruction and tips on catching more fish. It is the only saltwater magazine dedicated boat and bass fishing sections, and now covers the emerging sport of kayak fishing, and is the only title with a with a form guide that follows the seasons.

Here's a look at what you can expect to find in issue 489, courtesy of the 'Contents' page:

The Final Countdown
For many the cod season is over, but there's a chance of a late season specimen on the coast of Cleveland.

Nothing Wrong With Easy
The Towy estuary offers comfort fishing for its flounders, and they aren't difficult to catch, says Dave Lewis.

Born To Fish
Andy Tucker rolls back the years to tell about how he got hooked on cod. His tales make exciting reading.

They Don't Make Them Like That Any More
Sea anglers will be saddened to hear that Dover international angler Billy Solly passed away on Christmas Eve.

Sea AnglerEverything In Its Place
Being organised can make all the difference between success and failure, says Callum Graham.

Tough As Old Boots
Chris Clark suggests tough garfish baits could be the answer to those soft bait woes.

Life Is Dungeness Beach
Shane Pullen and his mates fish Kent's Dungeness beach, then tries boat fishing off the same mark.

A Reel Screams In The Night
Jensen Teakle recalls a tope trip with two friends that shattered their nerves in the middle of the night.

Playing The End Game
Competent casting is only the start. Now you need to make your sinker stick to the seabed and stop bait exploding.

Encyclopedia Of Sea Angling
A new series to bring everyone up to speed with the language we use and explain what everything means.

Tackle Shop
Let's look at the latest tackle, find out what it costs and where you can get it.

A Sea Of Top Tackle

Glasgow Angling Centre throws open its doors to welcome you to its three-day March tackle extravaganza.

What A Carry On

You never seem to have enough hands humping all your tackle to the waiting boat. Here's the answer.

Penn Sea League
Find out who the leading names are in the nation's most fiercely fought national match event.

Penn Clubman

Check out the leaderboards to find out which clubs and individuals are making names for themselves.

Shimano Mission

Top tackle company Shimano is offering special specimen badges and top tackle for quality fish catches.

As well as the main magazine features that you can see above, Sea Angler also has dedicated Boat Angler and Bass Angler sections. Here's a look inside those two specialist sections...

Slip On The Shades
You might to wear sunglasses when you go after bluemouth. It all sounds rather strange, but Dave Lewis is captivated.

Low Cost Longliner 2
Boatbuilder Orkney Boats knows money is tight, so has launched a recession busting craft.

Save £40 On A Boat Combo
Sea Angler's special Total Fishing rod and reel combo is worth around £140, but you pay only £99.99.

Jewel In The Crown
After fishing Dungeness beach, Shane Pullen and his pals sample the inshore boat sport aboard Sea Jewel.

What A Team
Fishing inshore at this time of year, often just a few hundred yards from the beach, can still bag you a decent specimen. Daiwa offers a reel and line that gets the job done.

Make Mine A Marlin
Photographer Mick Rouse finds big-game action just a four-hour flight away as he heads for the Portugese island of Medeira.

Four Up At 30 Knots
With a touch of the Tardis about her, the Falkland Fisher 600 reminds Sea Angler's tester of a mini charter boat – but at a more affordable price.

The Best Tenner You'll Ever Spend
Check out Sea Angler's new book 'Rigs, Marks, Species', which has 11 special chapters on boat fishing.

Texas Tornadoes
Keen kayaker Ian Harris and friends enjoy rocket-fuelled freshwater lure action near the famous Kennedy Space Centre.

Cod Capers
Minehead skipper Dave Roberts follows the fortunes of the Bristol Channel cod season, which he reports is better than in the 'good old days'. You'd want a 30-pounder, wouldn't you?

Bassing In The Blender
Lure fishing the French way sees Henry Gilbey all shook up in extreme seas. Will it be worth a change of underwear?

Bird Watching For Bass
You don't have to be a twitcher to tell a gannet from a guillemot – and bass guide Tim Harrison reckons all sea birds can point you in the direction of a catch of a lifetime.

It's All A Muddle
BASS member Shaun Sorenson opens up the bass minimum landing size debate.

View To A Kill
Dr Mike Ladle explores the controversial view that catch-and-release may line the pockets of commercial fishermen rather than help conserve the species.

Ireland's World Class Fishing
The Angling trust's David Mitchell and Martin Salter go on a fact-finding mission to experience the standard of sport on offer in Ireland.

A Piece Of The Action
Who says you have to break the bank to own a decent lure rod? The Shinjin range from Sakura offers sweet technology for very few beer vouchers.

Finding The Fish
Irish insight and news roundup with bass guide John Quinlan.

Action Man
Lure anglers find themselves in some tough locations, but with the IMA RBB Floating Vest on their back, they have the freedom to roam, fish and have everything they need stowed about their body.

Win A Bass Rod
This is one of Sea Angler's most popular competitions – everyone wants to win a top quality lure rod worth £150.

Bass Gallery
The weather has been foul, but some hardy souls are still catching the fish.

At just £3.45, Sea Angler is great value and you should find a copy for sale in any good newsagent or supermarket store. However, you can usually save a small fortune if you subscribe to Sea Angler online. At the time of writing, you could save 22%, so it's a great time to bag a bargain! CLICK HERE for the latest offer.