Tackle & Guns

Tackle & Guns is, as it states on the front cover, “Britain's only monthly shooting & fishing trade publication”. Okay, I suppose that a pedant would argue that it's 'angling' and not 'fishing', in the same way that I sometimes receive emails telling me that I should call Angler's Net an angling magazine, rather than a fishing magazine, but we all know what they mean!

Available to trade members only, it contains so many items of interest that if I had to pick just three magazines to take on holiday with me, Tackle & Guns would be one of them. As well as product news, Tackle & Guns looks at the businesses and names involved in our sport and also has a great deal of its own editorial. I'll be honest and say that the shooting stuff is of no interest to me, but the angling content is well worth a read. Actually, some of the shooting clothing and accessories are of interest, come to think of it.

Tackle & Guns MagazineThis month's edition (September, 2009) starts with a look at the recent financial troubles within the Angling Trust, with comments from a few of the angling industry.

What follows is then a mixture of news that includes details of a new carp brand launch, an article on the new Pure Fishing HQ, new products from Sonubaits, details of a large theft from the recent Go Fishing show and lots more.

In a way, it's a shame that Tackle & Guns is for trade members only. It has a lot of content that can't be found in the mainstream angling press and has a nice human slant to it. By that, I mean articles about individuals within the industry, such as shop owners, and not necessarily 'celebrities'.

If you're in the trade and don't yet receive this magazine (it's free!), then pop along to the David Hall Publishing website and drop them a line.