Trout & Salmon

As well as the usual Trout & Salmon magazine, this festive fly-fishing package also includes a 32-page guide to the greatest Christmas presents of 2010. If you're into your fly-fishing and want some ideas of what to write on your list to Santa, then it's well worth a look!

Here's what you'll find inside the main Trout & Salmon magazine, courtesy of the 'Contents' page:

Unfinished Business

Colin McCrory and party enjoy a week on South Uist – and vow to return next year.

A Second Book Of Giants
Volume II of The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon is published this month. Fred Buller explains why this will be his last book.

A Matter Of Style
Mick O'Farrell charts his progress with fur and feather, from boyhood through to accomplished fly-tying innovator.

Born To Run
Stan headley fly-fishes for supercharged bonefish and tarpon on the Cuban flats.

Don't Pass The Duchy
Mike Weaver rediscovers the Duchy of Cornwall's wild trout fishing on Dartmoor.

A Festive Backcast
Dennis Moss looks back on a truly memorable Irish Mayfly season on the loughs.

Christmas Crossword
Three opportunities to win superb Hardy Demon trout kits.

Trout & Salmon magazineFEATURES & TACKLE
Cooking Your Catch

Amanda Robin serves trout baked in sea salt.

Fatal Attraction
Jon Beer concludes that sometimes a certain person and a certain salmon are simply made for one another.

The Point Of No Return
Andy Renwick explains why he and his party will no longer be fishing the River Carron.

Salmon – A Resource To Cherish
Orri Vigfusson outlines the aims and objectives of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund.

Not One Of Sawyer's
Brian Shaw reveals a salmon fly that has produced great sport on the rivers of Ayrshire.

Book Review
Edwin Oxlade admires Rise by Dennis Moss

A Ripon Yarn
Pork pies and grayling compete for the attention of Chris McCully on a Yorkshire beck.

Fireworks Under The Volcano
Paul Procter stalks wily Icelandic trout.

Letters To The Editor

Your views on game-fishing matters.

What's New?

The latest tackle reviewed.

The latest from the world of game-fishing.

Salmon Fishers' Surgery
Crawford Little answers readers' queries.

Trout & Salmon's pick of the best new fly-tying materials and gadgets.

Property Watch
Derek Bingham on houses with fishing.

Last Cast
Giles Catchpole returns with part two of his genuinely cliffhanging tale.

Trout and Salmon magazine has been the Voice of Game-Fishing since 1955. Every month the finest contributors in the sport deliver informative, inspirational and entertaining writing, offering sage advice on locations, tackle and tactics with beautiful photography. If you are searching for a new place to fish, Trout and Salmon’s Fishing Reports are a collectable record of the state of Britain and Ireland’s major game fisheries and have become an important archive for all fly-fishers. Trout and Salmon magazine is also a forum for debate of the most contentious issues that dominate fly-fishing today.

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