World Record Pike!

The headline on this week's Angling Times (1st September, 2009), “World Record Pike” is bound to make predator anglers take notice and I bet many of them don't even make it out of the shop before turning to page three to see the photo!

The accompanying report is of a possible world record capture and also includes photos of a few notable big pike, including the current official 55lb 1oz world record and the 46lb 13oz UK record pike.

Angling TimesAs well as all the latest news, there are a number of interesting articles. Here are details of a few of them:

KHV: £1.87bn will go up in smoke – as experts predict the possible 30-year financial implications of Koi Herpes Virus to the angling industry, Angling Times looks at the gulf between the figures presented by Defra and the Angling Trust.

Keith Arthur – Keith talks about the Thames, The Angling Trust and porbeagles this week.

Neville Fickling – Neville discusses his theory as to why carp and barbel should diet to avaoid otters!

Baby Baitrunners – an exclusive look at some small reels due to be released by Shimano. I can imagine that many anglers will be quite excited to see these.

How A Boilie Is Made – many anglers know how to make a boilie in the kitchen, but this feature goes behind the scenes of a big-scale boilie manufacturer.

Martin Bowler – Marting goes late-summer tenching with Peter Drennan and Keith Arthur. The results speak for themselves!

River Wye Barbel – Mark Boyd shows how to catch a lump of golden beauty.

John Wilson – John goes monster salmon fishing in Canada. Oh, how the other half live!

20 Greatest Feeder Tricks – if you're new to feeder fishing, these tips are probably worth the £1.70 cover price alone!

Des Taylor – Des talks about discovering new waters, such as small pools, and the joy of catching 'virgin' fish.

Steve Partner - “Anglers, as a rule, are a selfish bunch who think if there's no personal gain, they can't be bothered.” - Steve doesn't seem too happy about the low response to the recent EA fish removal consultation and also discusses the Angling Trust and some of the possible reasons why membership uptake may be so low.

UK Carp MagazineFREE UK Carp Magazine – this 48-page supplement will please the boilie brigade! Contains articles on using chick peas, Method vs PVA, Carp At Speed by Max Cottis, How To Create The Perfect Spod Mix and more.

The above is just a selection of what's in the September 1st, 2009 issue of Angling Times, which is available from all good newsagents.

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