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October 2nd - Club Match 9 - Alders Farm

Posted by Maddog , 06 October 2011 · 4,555 views

As predicted in my previous entry, the madness continued on this highly stocked match lake.This one was a straight 5 hours match with a strict 100lb per keepnet limit, if you go over 100lb = disqualified.30 entries for this one.I drew peg 30 which was only 18" deep and fed 2 big pots of pellets and corn at 5m in front of me and the same to my right.I...


September 18th - Club Match 8 - Entire Farm

Posted by Maddog , 28 September 2011 · 6,217 views

Entire Farm (Arrans Lake) is one of the commercial fisheries which has recently thrown up some huge match weights to over 500lbs. CARP SOUP!!I have not fished at such a highly stocked fishery before and it wouldn't be everyones cup of tea but it is part of the club's match schedule so I gave it a go.Our match was split into a 2.5 Hr sessio...


September 4th - Club Match 7 - Frogmore

Posted by Maddog , 09 September 2011 · 5,843 views

I missed the last two club matches, the first due to being at the Stoney and Friends Charity Fish-in at Yateley blanking on The Pads lake and the second due to being on holiday in Cornwall with my wife. Whilst in Cornwall we did fish from Newlyn harbour wall on a couple of evenings, first evening Wife caught 3 - a Gar, a Mackerel and a small Pollock and f...


July 24 - Club Match 4 - Frogmore

Posted by Maddog , 25 July 2011 · 4,199 views

Frogmore is another nice club venue and as at Riverside Road it is fairly prolific when pleasure fishing but much tougher in a match. This is not helped at this time of year by the low water levels.8.30 Draw today, fishing 9.30 to 14.30.I drew a peg which has one of the 3 small islands in front of it, one peg from the end of the lake and the island was ea...


July 10th 2011 - Club Match 3 - GUC, Marsworth

Posted by Maddog , 12 July 2011 · 5,962 views

The 3rd match of the seaseon was on the Grand Union Canal at Marsworth, a day ticket stretch.21 entries for this match and a late start/finish was being tried out to hopefully have a bit less traffic on and off the water to contend with so the draw was at 2pm and fishing 3 - 8pm.There were a few surprises in this match.This stretch is known for its qualit...


June 26th 2011 - Club Match 2 - Smallford

Posted by Maddog , 29 June 2011 · 5,962 views

The 2nd match of the season was on Smallford pit which is very deep in places.I drew peg 13 which is in "Deep Bay" where it is around 16ft deep at 18ft out and goes down to around 30ft deep, this was not a good draw. Alot of bream could be seen in the low numbered pegs cruising just below the surface.Not an awful lot to report, it was a struggle.I...


June 12th 2011 - First Club Match of the season

Posted by Maddog , 17 June 2011 · 6,912 views

Welcome to my blog, this is my first blog of any type so please excuse if it is not very good reading.This blog will follow my club match season and any other trips I manage to fit in between matches.I used to match fish alot against some top anglers mostly at Gold Valley until several years ago, I haven't match fished for a few years and just fancied...

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