Angling Days by Jack Bevan

Angling, for many, is a form of escapism. A way of breaking free from the routine of life.

It’s a shame, therefore, that there aren’t that many angling books offering the same experience at those times when we just cannot get on the banks.

Angling Days is an exception. In this book, we are offered a window into the past years of the life of Jack Bevan, a keen fly-angler who has wet a line just about everywhere he’s ever been. And when I say "everywhere", I mean everywhere!

Angling Days by Jack BevanJack’s life has seen him moving all over the U.K., as well as trips abroad with the armed forces. How many of you have fished an Icelandic river, or in the Italian Alps? Not many, I’d wager, but you’ll feel as if you have after reading Angling Days!

Being tied up in angling and seeing angling literature almost every day, there aren’t that many books that I’d gladly read in my leisure time, but Angling Days was a pleasure for me. Well done to Jack Bevan and his publisher, Sigma Leisure.

Angling Days has 136 pages, a cover price of £7.95 and can be purchased from Amazon. Click here to check the best price for this book on Amazon.

Elton Murphy

Elton Murphy