Atlantic Salmon; a life on the edge

This DVD is quite simply stunning. When I was first approached by Richard Davis some time back, I was interested to hear how he and Ged Yeates had put this fantastic piece of filmmaking together over a period of seven years!

The film tells the story, or rather follows the life cycle of the Wild Atlantic Salmon and follows its journey from the sea back up through the unique Fhorsa river system in Uig on the Isle of Lewis.

Each year the fish return and a dedicated group of enthusiasts pit their wits against these wily creatures as they progress back up the river system. The film contains breathtaking scenery of the Outer Hebridean islands and some amazing underwater filming, which, when combined together make you feel that you are right there on the Island casting a line at these incredible fish.

The film seeks to understand what it is that draws anglers back year after year to this fantastic spot and also highlights the plight of these fish and the issues affecting their future. Every catch and take filmed is real, it is like a fly on the wall documentary in many ways but one where the fish are the stars, and each fish banked makes you want to get of the sofa and grab your rods.

I found the film totally absorbing, it’s as much about natural history on this beautiful island as it is about the fishing, either way it will prove a fantastic addition to any angler’s collection.

Very highly recommended.

Available on DVD Format, at £19.99 including delivery anywhere in UK.

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Julian Grattidge