John Wilson's Greatest Fishing Adventures

This is one of those books that could cost you more than the original cover price…..quite a bit more! It may well have you scouring the advertisements of exotic travel agents and specialist angling holiday companies in the search for monster fish, sunny climates and memories that will last a lifetime!

Ask anyone who knows John Wilson what he is really like and you will, invariably, get the same answer • he’s a really nice bloke and an extremely talented angler. He didn’t get where he is, one of the UK’s most recognised anglers, just by smiling nicely at a TV producer or magazine editor, he got there because he’s good at what he does.

John Wilson’s Greatest Fishing Adventures isn’t an instructional book. I see it more as a ‘taster’ for those contemplating a trip abroad. It could also be seen as a great piece of angling escapism • as I was reading, I could almost feel the sun beaming down on me and the anticipation of the anglers that were fishing in each location. I wanted to be there with them so much!

John Wilson's Greatest Fishing AdventuresThe book takes us to a number of foreign countries, some that I have had the pleasure of visiting, but mostly ‘new’ ones to me. In each country, John takes us through a brief history of the area and its geography. He then gives the reader a real feel as to what to expect when they get there.…then it’s on to the fishing.

Whilst this book is more about telling us the stories of his angling exploits, John does ensure that we also have a basic understanding of what tackle and baits we’d be using if we were to go for ourselves. I get the feeling that you’d need to know a bit more if you were going to be as successful as John, but as these trips are all of the ‘guided’ nature, the reader would be shown exactly what to do if they ever visited any of the countries featured. It would be impossible to cover all the countries and different species of fish mentioned in just one book! To give you an idea of just what I mean, there are chapters on:

The Bahamas
The Gambia
Zambia & Zimbabwe
Canada (different area to above!)

Quite a selection, I’m sure you’ll agree!

If you’ve ever fancied an angling trip abroad, or even just want to see what all the fuss is about, then John Wilson’s Greatest Fishing Adventures may well be just what you’re looking for. There are nearly 200 pages, lots of lovely action photography (look out for the picture of regular Anglers’ Net forum poster David Priddy with a fearsome Tiger Fish on page 114!) and a useful contacts page for those who want to go that extra yard and go on one of these exotic trips themselves. Who knows, it could be you catching Nile Perch, Tarpon and Vundu Catfish next!

John Wilson’s Greatest Fishing Adventures is published by Boxtree and has a cover price of £20.00. You can buy this book from most major bookshops, or online at Amazon by clicking here (Amazon often offer books at reduced rates!).

Tight lines,

Elton Murphy
July, 2002

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