Modern Lure Fishing by Barrie Rickards

I was lucky enough to find this book under the Christmas tree last year.  Heaven knows how my wife managed to get a copy so quickly, as it had only been published a week or so earlier!

Barrie’s latest offering features a foreword by John Wilson and drawings by Rebecca Lyne.  The book follows the popular format of using guest writers to talk about their particular specialties and Barrie has found some very special experts!

Modern Lure Fishing by Barrie RickardsI particularly enjoyed the chapter on Salmon spinning.  Written by David Lincoln Steuart, better known as Dave Steuart!  Dave has the most enviable living situation on the banks of the River Itchen, so has had many years of opportunity to study the Salmon’s behaviour with relation to various methods of spinning for them.  Excellent stuff that I think I’ve learned from, I just need the opportunity now!

Boats and Big Waters is another excellent chapter written by Pike and Predators editor James Holgate.  James encompasses many subjects within his piece especially the use of modern electronics.  He deals with safety, engines, lures for trolling, drift fishing and much more.

A more recent addition to the latter day lure angler is the availability of cheap air travel and Barrie has ventured several times to Lake Nasser in search of Nile Perch.  He has managed to drag David Bird away from his busy retirement to give us an insight into his Big Game Fishing exploits around the world.  Some splendid images of Sailfish are shown.

Most aspects of lure fishing are covered with mention of Pike Fly Fishing that is one of the fastest growing areas of our sport and also Lure fishing in the sea.

All in all a really useful and informative book with a whole host of colour images throughout it’s 158 pages.

Colin Brett

ISBN 978 1 84797 065 7
Published by Crowood Press £19.95