Return Of The Syndicate Part III

“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble”

Words that you’d normally associate with a coven of witches, rather than anything to do with fishing, but apt words to describe the latest Syndicate that the mind of Mark Cunnington has dreamt up!

Regular visitors to Anglers’ Net will know that we have previously reviewed Mark’s earlier work and it received glowing praise. I’m afraid to say, though, that…… does his latest book!

Our intrepid heroes, Matt and his friend Rambo, are lured by the promise of fifty pound English carp to do what they thought they’d never do again….join a syndicate. Out of all the anglers in the UK that could have received an invite, they were chosen. Surely, they should have known that there would be more to it than that!

We follow the duo as ghostly events unfold at the new ‘dream’ syndicate, as they try to mix Scooby-Dooesque detective work with the serious task of catching big fish. Will they succeed? Well, who am I to ruin a good ending?

Mark Cunnington’s work, in my opinion, makes a refreshing change. There aren’t many people brave enough to attempt angling related fiction, fewer still who would narrow that niche down to the world of specimen carp fishing. The fact that readers of the previous two books have been ordering the new book at an amazing rate of knots bears testament to the fact that Mark has got it right before and, whilst this book does take a slightly more daring route, I think that it should bring to the face of any reader.

One word of caution – Mark’s work is aimed at adults. By that, I don’t mean it’s rude, but that it contains language usually reserved for grown men and women. It’s not excessive use, so don’t let it put you of, as it is merely intended to add a touch of realism to the story as a whole.

My advice to anyone who hasn’t read Mark’s work before is to read The Syndicate Parts 1 and 2 first. You can order them all, at a cost of £9.95 plus shipping each, at