Rivers Of A Lost Coast

If your passion for fly-fishing extends beyond the actual process of casting a fly into water, and extends into the history of your sport itself, then 'Rivers Of A Lost Coast' is a documentary DVD that you may well find of interest.

Narrated by Tom Skerritt (Reverend Maclean in the film 'A River Runs Through It), this documentary charts the history of California's coastal fly fishing.

With a combination of footage, stills and interviews with anglers who were there 'back in the day', it really does give an insight into what was phenomenal steelhead fishing. Some of it has to be seen to be believed and makes you question what might have caused things to change so drastically over the years. As anglers, we often hear stories of what fishing was like in days gone by, but rarely see the evidence. In this DVD, you get to see it in full.

Rivers Of A Lost CoastThe word 'legend' is bandied about far too freely these days, but the reputations of some of the fly fishermen in this documentary have stood the test of time and they really deserve to be credited as legends of American fly fishing.

Rivers Of A Lost Coast isn't the sort of DVD that will make you want to pick up your rod and go fishing. In fact, it's more the sort of documentary that you want to watch in front of a fire on a cold Sunday, reflect upon its contents, and then do all you can to appreciate what we have now and preserve it, if not improve it, for future generations.

The recommended price for Rivers Of A Lost Coast is £15.99. CLICK HERE to check out the latest deal for it on Amazon UK.