Running The Syndicate Part IV

Regular visitors to Anglers’ Net will have noticed that I’m quite a fan of ‘The Syndicate’ series by Mark Cunnington. These books offer a novel (no pun intended!) read for carp fishing fans – a real break from the norm.

Part IV, ‘Running The Syndicate’, sees our ‘hero’, Matt, really landing on his feet. I mean, what could be better than fishing the best syndicate water in the country? Owning it, of course!

But, as we’ve come to expect, things don’t always run smoothly……

In this latest episode, Matt is approached by a few old friends with a couple of ideas. Luckily, Rambo is on hand to help, although his mind isn’t always on carp fishing these days. He appears to have found a new passion that is totally separate from fishing and Matt……well, it should have been.

It’s hard to review a book without giving too much away, but suffice to say that a few tangled webs get woven in this one and it’s written proof that sex and carp fishing just don’t mix!

As with all of The Syndicate series, this book is adult humour. It should be stressed that it does contain some strong language and, although not graphic, sexual ‘scenes’. Having said that, none of it is over-the-top and this is yet another book that I couldn’t put down until I’d finished it. It also, yet again, left me guessing how much was pure fiction and how much was fact-based!

Over the series, Mark really seems to have matured as an author. I’ve never written a book, so I don’t speak from experience, but I can imagine that quite a bit of forward-planning and structuring needs to go into it, especially if you want to form a series of books. I get the feeling now that Mark could attempt a full blown novel. Don’t get me wrong, at 219 pages and 118,000 words, this is not a small book, but it did leave me wanting more. I’m pretty sure that Mark can deliver and I’m already looking forward to the next book. Mark Cunnington is not one of those people you’d say, “Don’t give up the day job,” to. In his case, you wish he could, if only to concentrate on supplying us with more great reading!

If you’ve never read one of The Syndicate series, take a look at and get yourself a copy of part one. If you’ve already been introduced to The Syndicate, you’re probably ordering Part 4 already!

Running The Syndicate is available from priced £10.95 shipping.