The Floating Fly

Publisher: Medlar Press
ISBN: 978-1-899600-64-9
Price: £20.00
A Review by M.A.Roe

This is a book that should be on the recommended reading lists of anyone who has an interest in fishing with the floating artificial fly within its 160 pages it's author provides a singularly entertaining look at the history and development of the dry fly and takes a great delight in bursting the balloon of pomposity that has often surrounded fishing with floating flies.

His arguments are wonderfully logical and though  some may well disagree with some of what he says they will have to admit the well though out positions he takes.

The Floating FlyThere is much valuable information on all aspects of fishing with floating flies including some entomology and fly dressing instruction.  The main thrust of the book is geared towards river fishing with still waters only getting a minor mention in the anecdotes.
Speaking of the anecdotes the book is liberally scattered with these and take the book away from being a mere 'how to volume' into something much more readable and enjoyable.

This book will not endear the author to the editors of fishing magazines who rely on a constant stream of new flies and lures to be invented to give them something to write about and copy to sell as Malcolm makes the point that half a dozen designs in different sizes and colours is probably sufficient to cover virtually all of your needs for floating fly fishing, though he does to some extent relent and describe eleven patterns. As a long term dry fly angler I can wholly concur with his view even though I have far too many 'just in case' patterns in my boxes!

There is little doubt that this book will get a few good rises from those with a more traditional outlook but nobody who reads it will be able to deny that it is a valuable and fun resource for anyone who wishes to fish the floating (dry) fly.

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