Ultimate Pike compiled by Dave (JR) Horton

This is a pike book with a difference. It's largely a collection of stories about the capture of 30lb plus pike related by a host of the biggest names in pike fishing. Additionally, there are a number of articles about how to fish some of these waters.

The book is divided into 6 sections on Ireland, trout waters, gravel pits (although Mick Hopwood's 40 pounder came from an estate lake), rivers and the Fens. Dave Horton winds up proceedings himself by describing his successes from a variety of different waters in a section entitled "An Opportunist Piker"

Ultimate PikeI especially enjoyed Jason Davies' story of one of the gravel pits on the complex he runs. Although I've known Jason for many I got a new perspective from hearing the saga all in one go. Additionally the technical piece on trout reservoirs from James Gardner I thought was especially worthy of note.

You can't fail to be inspired by some of the stories, whilst even the experienced will learn from some of the technical pieces. This is a book that every piker, novice or old hand will want to buy, even at a price of £27 - the sheer number of photos of monster pike are worth that alone.

To order your copy contact Dave Horton himself on 07976 005 809

Steve Burke